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In July 2013 alone, building contractors in Canada were issued building permits for properties exceeding 8 billion dollars in combined value. With the building industry enjoying an upward trend, many potential first or even second time homeowners may be getting anxious to get a new home building project underway. According to the Canadian Home Builders Association, another emerging trend for 2013 is the rising cost of serviced building lots, resulting in careful consideration from homeowners who plan to build. While it may be all too easy to get 'swept up in the moment' with the excitement of getting a new project underway, prudent homeowners will take the time to carefully plan their project, and become knowledgeable about common mistakes and oversights - both in the planning and building stages. These issues and more are highlighted in the home construction articles below.

Latest New Homes Articles
Man with large nose
Up to 47% of Contractors may be Using Fake Reviews, Study Reveals

A study based on 10 years of reviews indicates up to 47% of home service contractors in some work categories may be using fake online reviews to attract homeowners. The startling revelation comes at a time when home improvement disputes and problems continue to dominate the consumer complaints received in Canada.

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Online Reviews
Why Your Business Needs Quality Online Reviews

In today's competitive marketplace, the importance of having good online reviews has become clearer than ever before. The reality of the information age is that individuals no longer turn to the yellow pages to find businesses. Instead, internet users pull up one of the major search providers and do a local search for businesses. With such a strong internet search presence for services, the importance of online reviews becomes quickly apparent.

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Builder and General Contractor
General Contractor vs Home Builder - Which Do You Need?

Deciding to build a new home can be a costly endeavor. Before you start down that road, it is important to know what your options are and how you can most effectively get what you are looking for. Contrary to what some people think, there are major differences between the two, and understanding these differences is very important to making building decisions.

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The Importance of Renovation Permits

The internet is ripe with advice on do it yourself home improvement projects. These projects are not only fulfilling, but they also can help you to save a considerable amount of money when looking to improve upon any part of your home. Before starting on any new project though, it is important to remember that some of these projects will require you to obtain a renovation permit, even if you are doing the work yourself.

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Realtor Showing a Home
Truth and Fiction about Selling your Home

Selling a house can be a long and arduous process, sometimes taking years for the house to sell. There are many steps you must take in order to ensure that your house sells in the quickest way and you get the most for your money. The last thing any home owner wants to do is continually have to lower their asking price because they do not follow simple rules to expedite the sales process. Here are some truths and fictions about the selling process and how you can best maximize your home sale value and move out as quickly as possible.

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DIY Painting
Fact and Fiction: DIY Projects You Can Really Do Yourself

There are many misconceptions floating around about DIY (do it yourself) projects. Most of the time, these types of projects take much less money than hiring a professional, but in some cases, they simply are not worth your time. Here are some interesting facts and fictions commonly associated with these types of projects.

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Fact or Fiction
Fact and Fiction: Energy Conservation

In today's world, energy conservation has become a concern of the masses, the reality of wasted resources and the impact man can have on the earth becoming unavoidably obvious.The question is: which stories about energy conservation are fact, and which are fiction?

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Fine for Fake Reviews
Heavy Fines for Fraudulent Reviews

No matter how you snip or slice it, fraudulent online reviews not only result in wasted time and money, but may leave those affected with psychological scars that make routine buying or hiring a burden. The financial and emotional effect may be felt most deeply by homeowners who have fallen prey to contractors who publish deceptive online reviews.

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Horrible Customer
Wicked Homeowners - Eight Signs you're a Horrible Customer

Scientific observation has recently uncovered the existence of a previously undiscovered species. Homeownerus cheapus is most easily identified by its willingness to do just about anything to get something for free. Before you choose a contractor, be sure to take a look in your mirror and ask: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the worst customer of all and hope the mirror doesn't point a finger at you.

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Critiquing your contractor
When reviews attack...How to avoid a libel lawsuit when critiquing your contractor

There's no getting around the fact that businesses are uber-sensitive when it comes to reviews...and contractors are no exception. Before you lay the smack down, over a less-than-satisfying experience, consider a few simple bits of advice that will help you express your feelings and protect yourself from a libel suit worth more than the value of your home.

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New home construction
New Home Construction: A Good Time

New home construction can be less expensive because skilled labour and new building materials are cheaper. This means custom builders can lower the new home construction cost.

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Home construction planning
New Home Construction Planning

New home construction usually requires home builders to follow home plans. This article shows how planning the project is more important than just new home plans.

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Home construction planning
New Home Construction

Custom home builders in new home construction have gone through many changes and offer more custom home build options for consumers.

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The New Cottage Home; Cottage Construction Basics

The long awaited time has finally come to take steps toward the creation of your very own country cottage. But first take the time to consider important points and aspects of cottage building before lunging ahead.

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Log home
Log Homes

Log home builders are building easy to build, energy efficient log homes, traditional log homes and conventional homes with cedar, hemlock, pine, douglas fir materials.

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Log home
The Art of Log Home Construction; From Humble Beginnings to Modern - Day Big Business

The art of log home construction has been around for centuries. Today's designs offer something for everyone. From a rustic log cabin, to modest country living, to elaborate, grand scale luxury log homes.

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Building contractor
Avoid a Nightmare; Hire a Qualified Building Contractor

You've decided on your building project, whether new construction or remodeling. Perhaps you have chosen a new building to house your business, and you will need either a general building contractor or a metal building contractor. Hiring the right home building contractor or new home construction contractors is crucial in ensuring a successful build.

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Home construction
Common Home Building Mistakes

Here, we'll review some of the most common mistakes made during the exciting and nerve-wracking time of planning and building your new home. We'll also let you know how to avoid these mistakes, saving yourself from big headaches and big bills down the road.

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Laneway house
Laneway Houses Offer Green Urban Renewal

The re-introduction of laneway houses has been great news for urban areas where there is excess space on private property that can be utilized for housing. Rather than revamped garage spaces laneway houses are built beside backyard garages and their frontage is on the alleyway. Some times called backyard cottages these dwellings offer a modest, modern and green approach to city living.

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