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An outdoor living space can significantly increase the value of your home. Even if you decide that a pool or porch isn't right for you, consider a smaller project like a simple deck. Decks can make your yard more livable year-round, and they aren't as costly or as time-consuming as other structures. You can add a deck to any floor of your home with the help of a contractor.

There are some suggestions to ensure that this is a positive experience for you and your family. First, after you have contracted with a deck builder, ensure that you are aware of where the materials will be stored, such as will it be close to where the deck will be built, on the driveway, etc.

DeckNext, the contractors will need to use your house for several things. They will need to use the power source to run their saws, drills and other tools necessary to build the deck. If there is not an outside outlet, then the contractors will need to use the power source from inside your home. There are usually plenty of outlets outside of the home, so this would be a rare instance.

The contractors will need to be able to access the outside water source. Having a source ready for mixing the concrete, which is used for the footers and piers, or an occasional drink is necessary.

Finally, the contractor will use your house to attach a ledger board, which is a row of piers connecting the deck to your home. This will allow you to step from inside your home to the deck. The ledger board just helps to make the structure more solid. It is possible that the contractor will have to remove a couple of siding pieces in order for the ledger board to be flush with the house.

Unless you are having composite decking installed, you will need to consider the type of stain you will want for your deck. It is important to have your wood deck treated every three to five years. This is heavily dependent upon the type of climate you live in, such as sun exposure and precipitation. Approximately about a month after the deck is installed the contractors will return to treat the wood. After that, it is up to the homeowner to maintain the look of the deck. For instance, if the wood turns gray, this is due to water damage meaning the deck needs to be treated soon.

Another option is to have the deck enclosed, such as a building a sun room or renovating a space within your home into a sun porch. This is a timeless addition and is good for any home regardless of where you live. Sun porches were born out of necessity in the southern states to take advantage of the year round sunshine yet not get eaten by the bugs and mosquitoes that accompany warm weather. This is a good use of space to place furniture that doesn't really belong in the house yet you don't want to get rid of either. This provides additional living area that can be used anytime of the year, whether it is cold or hot outside, yet bringing modern design with an old-world flair.

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