Deck work left incomplete by contractor...

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7/20/2012 at 2:14:30 PM

Hi Guys,

Hope someone can help me out here... I was getting a 20' x 21' deck built and the contractor started work last week. He dug 9 foundation points the first day and asked me to pay him advance, which I did.

The lumber was delivered by Lowe's and has been on my driveway for past few days now... The guy was supposed to come and start the work but he hasn't been answering his phone and neither responds to my voice mails. Not sure what is in his mind but this is such an unprofessional and unethical way of dealing with customers...I don't even know whether he will show up, so would like to pass on this project to someone else.

The material is all there and am looking for labor only, Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.


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Date/Time7/20/2012 at 3:20:41 PM

Good day,

My suggestion is to move on. He most likely will not be coming back and this is a big problem in and around the city. Not all contractors are like this guy but he does give good contractors a bad name. The industry needs a major overhaul.

Good luck.

John De Toro

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Robert from ElecTriLight Ltd. in Oakville
Date/Time7/20/2012 at 3:46:21 PM

Find him, his company, and don't let it go. People like this need to be exposed and proven what they are doing is worng. Maybe he had a bad accident and in the hospital or phone fell in the lake and is starnded swimming back to shore... who knows.

The biggets thing is DO NOT FORGET WHO HE IS NOR WHAT HE DID TO YOU. Post his name here and his company and maybe others had similar issues.

There is one case going to small claims court and I am sure most of these can be fought and won.

Good luck

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Dharam in Brampton
Date/Time7/20/2012 at 3:53:42 PM

Thanks a lot John and Robert for your responses.

I am still giving him benefit of doubt as Robert mentioned that he might have met with an unfortunate incident, so will wait for his reply for a day or two and if not will take this matter up and expose him, will also post his and his company's name on this website for the benefit of others.


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Date/Time7/20/2012 at 4:48:03 PM

First, continue to track this fellow down. Something legitimate may have happened to him or he is a crook. Iether way, find out. If he is a crook, have him charged with fraud. We don't need fly by night contractors running around out there, and sadly there are lots of them.

Second, if he comes back, or you use another contractor for a deck your size you need eighteen holes dug. Three lines of six. Then the top half of each should be in a sono tube filled with quality concrete. Not the dry bag and add water in the hole garbage. Place the sadles for posts in the cement as each is poured. Use a laser or a string line to line them up. Then you have a decent base to start with.

And check out any contractors you are going to use in the future, to many do not do quality work and that gives those of us who do a bad reputation as well.

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Date/Time7/20/2012 at 5:48:42 PM

Make sure that if you signed a contract with this individual that you are still within your right to cancel that contract. Just having another contractor show up and finish the job could put you in a legal bind. If you did sign a contract there should be some sort of time frame written in, once that has elapsed, you may then pursue other options.

Good luck

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Date/Time7/20/2012 at 10:04:23 PM

I totally agree with the other respondents. Was there a contract? If not, should have been. Regardless, he should have only billed for the work he did (holes for the pilings) and nothing more.

He may be back as it's only been a short while, but if he does return, get something in print to protect both parties.

Sorry you got a "bad wrap" so far.

Good luck.

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