Contractor doesn't show up/not responding after paying around 75%

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Posted by: from Edmonton
6/21/2016 at 4:12:59 PM

I hired a contractor to build my garage. He promptedly came to visit my site initially and then after the $5000 down payment he started framing my garage. Requested another $2000 and I was collaborative with him and paid that too. He then came for maybe just for 2 hours and did some wiring on the garage and disappeared for a month. I was trying hard to contact him but no luck, not answering to phone, no reply to texts.

And suddenly ask me to pay for some of his orders against my garage but there is no guarantee that he will do the job. He has lots of lies when ever he replied to my texts. He event work on my site without getting any proper permit from the City. When I asked for the assurance of completing the job after paying for the orders, he is just disappeared again and never answer or reply to my text after all. I replied to his Kijiji add as a new customer and then he called me on that new number. But after I revealed my self yet another tons of lies saying will be completing the job next week, but haven't seen him after that yet.

I am going to sue him on the court. What else I can do to rectify my lost on this?

I think I have found out that his father also in the same contracting field and all his contact information too. His father could be doing the same for his customers. Can I get him to court as well?

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Daryl from Ridgewater Homes Ltd in Delta
Date/Time6/21/2016 at 5:41:10 PM

10% should be paid on the contract to start no more. The contractor should provide bill that match labour and materials.

We are in the opposite side of that having done the work and the client isn't paying so we can sympathize with you. Talk to a layer to see what your recourse should be. Sometimes if its not much isn't best to walk away. Shady contractors like this give the good ones a bad name. Do your research and check out Renomark and CHBA.

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Date/Time6/21/2016 at 7:43:51 PM

Yes 10% down is the norn. in the business. This is to cover the first little bit of materials. If you received a written Estimate from Him that has his name or his Company name and exactly what is going to be done and for how much$$ and If Tax is included or not and how the bill is to be paid. ex: 2.....5....or 7 progressive payments and one final or one payment at 50% completion and one final upon total completion. This Written Estimate is your legal Contract. Yes you can Sue him for not completing his contract. You must do your homework first if you wish a successful outcome in court. Contact as many contractors as you can through your local Better Business Bureau and or local Chamber of Commerce. get at LEAST 5 ( More the better ) to have a look at the state of completion of your garage. You must tell them all the same story on exactly what you wanted and told this bad contractor to do. Ask them all ( Separately ) to give you in writing what percentage of completion is your garage Now. Once you have at least 5 Written statements, you have what you need to take him to court. If you don't have anything ( Estimate or contract ) from his father that effects you directly, then you don't have a case with his father.

Good luck, Do your homework


Concerned Contractor

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Enrique from EZ Home Improvement in Edmonton
Date/Time6/21/2016 at 7:48:20 PM

You may take him to small amount court but you need to find him and get the citation delivered to him, I been there too, people that doesn't want to pay and argue non sense excuses, if he pulled out the city permit you also can go to current planning office and file a complaint against him.

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Mark from CMJ Renovations in Oakville
Date/Time6/21/2016 at 9:04:11 PM

I am not sure how much of the garage is complete at this time, but you have stated you have given him $7000.00 which is 75% of the cost. I am not sure what your contractor is building but a garage with proper foundation, wiring Framing siding etc material would run you a minimum of $20,000. It is my belief he never had any intentions of completing th project but just taking your money. I assume you took the lowest quote.

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Date/Time6/21/2016 at 10:15:37 PM

Going to court is always long process and is not the best idea. The only thing that may be make him feel that he is in a serious situation and has to come back and complete the job. However such behavior from such contractor leads to untranslatable situation even if he wants to come back to complete the job because he is not committed to any thing and not easy to believe him any more.

Just try the court only to let him come and at least do more work to cover the money he got but there is no way for him to get this job done completely.

Bad experience but sometimes this is also happen from some home owners???

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Date/Time6/22/2016 at 5:04:52 AM

From experience, most goods and services found on Kijiji I take with a grain of salt. Once in a while you may find a diamond.

Lawyers are expensive so you need to decide what's more important "revenge" or "garage"

If it were me at this point I'd find a "trusted pro" that is willing to complete the project and hopefully the work up to this point will meet city permit standards. And a permit can be issued.

With luck, in a few weeks or soon you'll be enjoying your new garage.

Just my 2 cents.

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