Sidewalk/Patio Cement Crumbling

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Posted by: from Fort Saskatchewan
5/27/2013 at 11:08:13 PM

My parent's patio has been maintained as best as my Father could over the past 50 +years but now there are many spots that are just completely crumbled. I don't know what he did exactly to maintain it and he has passed away.

Is there any product on the market now that will actually bond with the cement to spot fix it?

I can't afford to have a whole new patio put in. Keep in mind I'm not a handy man. I'm his not so handy daughter.

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Clayton from Gable to Gable in Sherwood Park
Date/Time5/29/2013 at 1:53:36 PM

Hello Clayton,

Here from Gable to Gable, there are a few different tricks to doing this patch job. I do recommend that you hire a professional or maybe a handy man friend.

Clayton Miller

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Date/Time5/30/2013 at 12:19:38 AM

There is a variety of products available to fix concrete. First you have to get rid of all the loose stuff, the claw of a hammer will work to loosen the bad stuff. Then use a concrete bonding agent, it's a liquid you brush on. Then use a patching cement that you mix yourself and place in the holes.

All this is available at any home store and they have detailed instuctions, so any body can tackle it.

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Shirley in Fort Saskatchewan
Date/Time5/30/2013 at 1:50:24 AM

Thank you very much Clayton and James. I will look for the materials needed and attempt to do the job. :)

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Date/Time5/30/2013 at 5:21:46 PM


It is probably crumbling because your father has been spot patching for years. Over time in Canadian weather no product will last forever in a slab application.

Assuming you are not handy and limited tools:

1. You should chip away as much loose concrete as possible with a hammer

2. Rinse off the area of debris then let it dry

3. Go to you local concrete accessory shop or box store if none available

4. Use paint brush or roller to apply a primer adhesive

5. Buy a bag of target top and bond, mix as per directions, apply with trowel to area.

6. Let Dry

7. *Optional* Seal slab with a cure and seal

Hope this helps.

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