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How do hot tub installations work, and how long will it take?

There are different options for a home spa: indoors or outdoors, above or below ground, and prefabricated or custom built. You should decide which energy source (gas or electric) you wish to use for your system and make appropriate arrangements to prepare for the installation.

Prefabricated, above ground spa systems have a relatively quick installation time. Below ground systems require more time, effort, and money to install. They could take up to 12 weeks to install, but they are a great option for for those who have an existing below ground pool.

Cost of a hot tub installation

The price varies depending on the hot tub, and the hot tub placement. Below ground installations will be much more costly (tens of thousands of dollars) in comparison to pre-fab, above ground hot tubs.

Savvy DIYers can probably save a few hundred dollars if they hook up their own pre-fabricated spa system. The general costs may be as follows (not including the hot tub itself):

  • Pre-fabricated spa installation: $300 - $800
  • Custom hot tub build: $10,000 - $20,000+

Can I DIY my hot tub installation?

Homeowners can probably install their own above ground prefabricated hot tub. However, You may need to contact your electrical or gas company to get service extension for you spa unit. Electric hot tubs can be hooked up to a regular 120VAC outlet.

You should speak with an expert before selecting a place to put the hot tub. The land grade or the patio must be able to support the hot tub (about 5,000 lbs).

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