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Basement Renovation Contractors in Cote Saint Luc

Browse profiles and compare credentials of Basement Renovation Contractors in Cote Saint Luc that have been previously hired, rated and reviewed by Cote Saint Luc homeowners.

rating 5 from 13 reviews 514-567-2927 View Profile

Description: Dear Customer, Rangi Renos is a team of professionals that truly beleive in high quality. We get to the details and the job is always well done! Courtious & hard working employees, great s... more

rating 4.9 from 17 reviews 450-464-4379 View Profile

Description: Established in 1995, concentrating mainly on Residential renovations/Repairs and new construction the NDG, CSL, Hampstead, CDN regions, offering a personalized service to suit ... more

Main Services Offered:
General Contracting, Basement Renovations, Concrete Work
rating 4.8 from 4 reviews 514-660-3150 View Profile

Description: AV Services profits from an experienced team who are expert in performing basement renovation to a level quite satisfactory for the clients.... more

rating 4.8 from 11 reviews 514-995-4306 View Profile

Description: Planning to renovate your home? This is a big decision. You have to find the right contactor to put the health and beauty of your home into the hands of professionals. As you are looking for the b... more

Main Services Offered:
Handyman Services, Basement Renovations, Bathroom Renovations
514-942-1424 View Profile

Description: My company is specialized on filling the clients need and expectation analyzing the projects and execute them as cheap and effective as possible we also specialize in water infiltration. Are golds are... more

rating 5 from 2 reviews 514-651-2520 View Profile

Description: DSE Construction Inc. General Contractor RBQ# 5643-8831-01 DSE Construction has and continues to serve the residential market, with passion, dedication and a commitment to quality. Your s... more

514-803-7963 View Profile

Description: Service GK-Avanti, established in July 2007, i4s a growing company, offering: Office improvement in computer systems and general construction, skill workers and general labor cr... more


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