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One thing is certain for homebuyers, even ones who buy new homes: All homes eventually need home maintenance. Even those homes built with new materials like vinyl siding and metal roofs will have to be maintained in some form or another. This is because deterioration in a home can originate on the inside as well as on the outside.

Most new homebuilders are working with materials that are manufactured for a greater lifespan. From waterproof membranes that stretch around basement walls to vinyl-clad windows they are working with building products that are low-maintenance and are almost impervious to rot or insect damage. For many older homes the forces of nature have affected the wooden and metals parts and the shrinkage of wood may have produced other problems.

Many jobs can be accomplished by a handyman. These include replacing deck boards, installing doors and windows and minor concrete work. This also includes any repairs to the exterior board or trim of the home. Make sure that the person you hire is insured so that you will not be liable if there is an accident on the job.

Home Contractors

The idea of hiring a home contractor to fix the problems of an older home is a very good idea. Because except in areas of simple maintenance or changing out a door most handymen do not have the experience to complete a large renovation job. This is why you should hire a licensed home contractor who can make a plan for your home and take the renovation in stages.


Just like in medical situations some homes need emergency surgery especially in cases where repairs have been left for a long period of time and now getting critical. Structural integrity, plumbing and electrical are examples. “Triage” is the term used to put a priority on medical cases and it can be used for renovations as well. Start with the most important parts of the home and work from there. Anyone who has purchased an older home will have had an inspector go through the place. This inspector's report is a good place to find out what needs to be done first.

The Plan

To renovate a home, either all at once or in stages, takes a dedicated plan. This can be as intricate as a set of blueprints or renderings on a piece of paper but there has to be a guide so that the home contractor can come up with an accurate estimate of what the job would cost. In addition he or she will have to know if it is within the capabilities of the company or if you have to go to a more specialized contractor. For example, most home contractors would not take on rebuilding a swimming pool and spa area.

Once the plan is written down home contractors can help you streamline the process. They can also make suggestions on your ideas and products that could be used in the renovation.


In any building project, commercial or residential, a budget has to be worked out. Not only is this important for the home owners to assess their financial limits but it also helps home contractors to decide what kind of materials to use and what deign would work best for the money spent. In addition, the financial institution will demand documentation if the money is going to be borrowed.


With a set of plans that explains the project in detail the competing home contractors will be able to give estimates on a level playing field. These contractors can be found by contacting contractor's associations, ads in newspapers, the internet and word of mouth. The minimum amount of estimates should be three because it will establish a market value for your project. If you can get four estimates, all the better.

Each estimate should explain how the contractor intends to complete the project and what materials will be used. Make sure that all of the subtrades are indicated and that the contractor will pay them as well. In addition, the home contractor should mention the permits and that it is his or her job to apply for them.

Choosing the Right Home Contractors

Hiring the right home contractors takes a lot of skill. This is because the contractor becomes you partner for the duration of the project so makes sure that the person is someone who you feel you can exchange information with easily. Make sure that every detail is down in writing including start date, inclusions, end date and clean up. If the job is a large one it is best to run it past your lawyer.

For information on hiring home contractors consult our Contractor Directory or simply post your project online at and one will contact you.

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