The 'Empowered Homeowner'

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Working Together to Get the Job Done

Any professional in residential construction knows that keeping customers happy likely presents the biggest day-to-day challenge.  Today's homeowner has fundamentally changed the construction model for design and renovation - for both homeowners and the home industry professionals and vendors who serve them.

How Has Renovating Changed?

1. Technology is disrupting old models

The barriers that previously limited a homeowner's ability to access information, ideas, and find talent are no more!  Mobile technologies such as Internet-based apps, software, and social networks have helped to educate the homeowner online and instill a new confidence and desire to not only be informed, but to also be more involved.

2. Communication must be flexible

More often than not, homeowners are using websites and apps on their tablets and mobile devices to plan their home project.  Homeowners now expect more frequent, visual, and mobile communications, and less in-person meetings.

3. Homeowners are empowered

The new construction model places the homeowner at the centre of the project as an active participant, not bystander. They want to source and hire and the best professionals, with personalities they like and trust can execute their vision.  They want to purchase products and materials that meet all of their criteria.  They are empowering themselves with knowledge and information that will help them effectively manage their projects as participating partners.

4. Professionals must build compelling online brands

The empowered homeowner does their research and starts to plan their project up to a year in advance, because they are passionate about their home.  Their contractor due diligence will include viewing a professional's portfolio, reading online reviews, and using community activity to gauge personality and assess how easy the person may be to work with.  This all leads to the conclusion that professionals must invest time to develop and manage their brand presence online; for it is here, where their next customer is looking.  Will you be found?

The Reno Facts:

  • 41% of renovation projects exceed initial budgets.
  • 83% of homeowners are motivated to renovate to improve the look, feel, flow and layout of their home.
  • 58% of renovating homeowners are planning to hire professional help.
  • 81% of homeowners rated "good reviews & recommendations" as "very important" when selecting a professional to work on their home.

Positive Reviews Gets You More Views

Online reviews are second only to personal advice from a friend as the driver of hiring decisions. TrustedPros is dedicated to bringing quality construction professionals together with empowered homeowners in search of the right contractor for their home improvement project.  TrustedPros contractors gain access to potential customers by building their brand presence and reputation online through testimonials that have been verified by a third-party.  Homeowners are now empowered to hire their pro with confidence.  Don't forget the importance and power of a customer review.  Contractors depend on referrals and word of mouth to sustain their business. 

Renovate Better with RENOMii App

Contractors and Electricians and Plumbers, oh my!  Collaboration between trades and homeowners on any renovation, or remodel is taxing on a good day.  However, the matter is further complicated by poor communications, or when one party loses sight into other aspects of a project.  "Why did the installer the homeowner hired not show up today? Did plans change? I needed them to complete their work, so I could do mine.  Now I don't know what to do".  This scenario sounds costly for both 1) the frustrated tradesperson, and 2) the unaware homeowner.  Unaccounted for costs at the end of a project can lead to disputes, bad reviews, or even litigation.  Next time, manage your project in RENOMii, a unique collaborative software solution for renovation management that tracks your project's budget from contract signing to homeowner sign-off.  All homeowner communications and approvals are tracked through an automated change order approval process.  Contractors create change orders outlining costs and timing, and submit for homeowner approval.   Since all approvals are tracked and stored if something is disputed, you can quickly reference approved change orders and negate a potentially negative review, or legal battle saving you time, money and most importantly - your reputation!   It only takes 5 minutes to create a project in RENOMii and invite your homeowner to collaborate on their renovation.  RENOMii is free for professional members to try.  Automatically save 20% when you subscribe!  Contractors and Homeowners Agree:  Renos Go Better Using RENOMii!

"No other software has generated that type of [homeowner] response
in my 31 years of home building".

"Communication with my home buyers during the construction of their homes has improved immensely through the use of RENOMii. It clarifies the process of work change orders for everyone and as a result reduces a huge amount of stress for both builder and home buyer. The transparency and instant availability of information helps to promote a higher level of trust from the home buyer that is invaluable to the process. On the several projects that I have used RENOMii, I have received unsolicited offers from home buyers to do testimonials for my company following the completion of their new home build. No other software product before has generated that type of response in my 31 years of home building".

Richard Trapp, President at Emerald Homes Ltd.

"RENOMii is easy to use, and helped keep everything detailed, in writing, and under control, which removed a major source of stress in managing the project".

"RENOMii gets to the heart of many contractor/client disputes - how much are changes supposed to cost, and what exactly is expected.  Our General Contractor, Catalyst, used it on our front porch rebuild project — it was easy to use, and it definitely helped keep everything detailed, in writing, and under control, which we found removed a major source of stress in managing the project.  RENOMii forces clients and contractors to put their requests and comments in writing, and ensures that both have to agree in order to change the cost of the project.  If you know how to have a conversation on Facebook, you know how to use RENOMii, and your project will be better for it."

Cedric Puddy, Homeowner

3 Things to Get the Job Done




Hire the Right Pro

Get noticed with detailed project portfolios and online customer reviews.

Conduct your due diligence ahead of time using online resources.

Understand Expectations

Understand the role your homeowner wishes to play throughout the project.

Make sure to discuss your expectations upfront and be prepared to enable them.

Enable Collaboration

Manage budgets, timing and expectations by collaborating on your next project using RENOMii App.

Together, TrustedPros and RENOMii enable renovation professionals and homeowners to connect and collaborate on renovations, and home improvement projects, leading to happier homeowners, and more positive reviews!  Homeowners tell your contractor about RENOMii's FREE PRO TRIAL and renovate better!

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