9 Household Maintenance Repair Tips


In almost every home maintenance situation there are methods and quick tips for making the job easier. These helpful procedures may be as simple as stuffing a wad of bread up in the spout of a leaky faucet so you can get some sleep to removing a stain on a hardwood floor. What these simple clues can do is save you hundreds of dollars in home maintenance services or hundreds of hours of wasted time.

1. Instant Stud Finder

Stud finders can cost $20 or more and it's an item that few people need unless they are hanging pictures or a wall unit. First, you can search the wall for tell-tale indentations that signal a drywall screw. Line two of these vertically and you'll have the stud. Or, you can run an electric razor over the wall. The vibrations will change when a stud is below the surface.

2. Rotten Fence Posts

Since you - or someone who owned you house before - went through the work of digging holes for fence posts and filling them with concrete, the fact that some of the posts are rotten shouldn't mean that you have to dig holes again. Using a pry bar to extract the rotten piece and clean out the hole. Most posts are four inches square. Now, grease the new four-by-four post and pound it into the old hole.

3. Perfect Pictures

Kids and adults have a habit of rubbing against pictures, especially in hallways. If you are one of these people who can't stand a crooked picture take each picture down and turn them over. On the bottom two edges of the frame gently pound pins. Then, leaving 3/8 inch of the pin sticking out of the frame, snip off the pinheads. When you level your picture again push on he bottom of the frame and the pins will be locked into the drywall. Now the picture won't move.

4. Silence the Noise of Screen Door

The closing mechanisms of a screen door rely on a quick release to close it. This produces a loud "crack" sound. To stop this from happening put a drop of silicone sealer on three points of the door where it meets the frame: top right, bottom right and middle. Make sure the drops are not too big and let dry for a couple of hours before using.

5. Refrigerator Door

A leaky fridge door not only causes food to spoil but it eats up electricity, especially in the summer. To test out a fridge or freezer close the door on a dollar bill so there is enough of the bill sticking out to grab. If you can slip out the bill then your door needs adjusting.

6. Vent Your Vents

Heating vents are a natural place for dust and other debris to build up. Take off floor the vent and duct covers and slide the vacuum hose as far down as it will reach. Not only will this get rid of allergens it will allow the air to pass more freely saving energy.

7. Drywall Magic

If you are a do-it-yourselfer who wants to put up sheets of dry wall in the basement cutting the outlets can be a frustrating job. Take a tube of lipstick and coat the edges of the outlet. Then position the piece of drywall and press against the studs. When you take it down the reverse side of the drywall will have the outline of the electrical box. Just cut this out and the piece will go back on perfectly.

8. Ladder Stability

For using a ladder to get up past twenty feet use tie-downs halfway up. The ends can actually be put through an open window and fastened on the interior of the home to the underside of a cupboard or somewhere strong. The ratchet of the tie-down can be tightened so that ladder is pulled into the side of the home. When you climb the ladder it will be as solid as stairs instead of having the spring action caused by your weight.

9. Brush Behavior

When it comes to painting many people will buy the big package of brushes for $7. However, the bristles on these brushes may be coarse or could fall out. Not only that they look ratty after a while and the paint won't spread evenly. The key is to buy a good quality brush and clean it properly as specified on the label. However, if you have a big job and find yourself having to paint in intervals you can wrap your wet brushes in kitchen wrap. Place the oil-based brushes in the freezer and the latex-based in the fridge. When the job has been completed then you can clean them and put them away. In many cases a good brush will last for dozens of paint jobs.

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