Nifty Ideas for Your Family Room

Family together in living room

Family rooms are diverse areas. Often the center of your home and the place most frequented by all family members and guests, family rooms are important to keep up. You do a lot in your family room! They are used for relaxing, watching television, playing games, reading, eating, and entertaining. And just as diverse as the rooms are themselves are the options you have to work with! Take a look at these ideas and reminders when decorating.

Shhh...It's a library! Well, almost.

A reading area can be the perfect spot to sit down and get through your favorite novel or to do story time with the kids. Maybe you don't have room for a library. Use your family room as one! You can line the walls with shelves and showcase all your books for easy access. If you have a smaller amount of books, perhaps think about a built into the wall reading nook complete with curtains, cushions, and shelves. Having a separate “nook” can also help with having a quieter, more solitary reading space.

Up High, Down Low

Make the ceiling height of your family room work to your advantage. If you have high ceilings, a nice ceiling fan/light fixture or even a chandelier can utilize that space well. Update and customize your rafters and ceiling beams to create an enhanced line for eyes to follow up to the centerpiece of your ceiling. Don't clutter the height dimension of your family room if you just don't have the space to do it. If you have lower ceilings, recessed lights may be the way to go.

Too Many Blankets?

We all like to be cozy and warm, but there is a price to pay. Blankets are big and take up a lot of space. Take a look at your couch. Is half of it take up by quilts, throws, and blankets? There are ways to combat this problem. Take a look at getting a blanket chest. A blanket chest, which can even be converted from an old traveling trunk, can be a great way to store your blankets. They are off the couch, they stay clean since they aren't on the floor, and they are conveniently only an arms length or a couple feet away!

Colors Galore!

You really do have your pick when it comes to colors for a family room. Since it is a room that fits all needs, even the needs of rowdy kids, you can either go for many different themes or pick just one. For a more eye-popping, kid crazy, family room go for bright colors accented with zebra prints or other textures like polka dots or bold stripes. For a more laid back feel, look at soft white, blue, and gray colors that can be accented with greens, browns and blacks.

What do Coffee Tables, Ottomans, and Footrests Have In Common?

One word - everything! Although each thing leans either more towards eating, resting, and decoration, they can all be used for the same purposes. If you really want to be trendy, think about other things that can be used in place of store bought ones. One idea is to fix up and paint an old cellar door! Another idea that is becoming very popular is to use a tree stump as a side table or footrest. A simple, yet often looked over idea, is for small family rooms. If you are strapped for space in your family room think about adding a shelf to the bottom of your coffee table if it doesn't already have one.

The Three L's - Layers, Lines, and Lamps

The three L's are very helpful when trying update your family room. You can create layers with rugs, steps, and shelves. When thinking about lines, think more in terms of visually dividing the space. Use architectural details, like a beam or corners of walls to define the area set apart for the family room. The look of your family room can be completed using artwork, framing, and decorative furniture. Lamps are not only the source of light in your room, they can really bring out the theme. Use lamps will intricate details and lamps with decorative shades to enhance the space with light.

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