Should You Hire Handyman Services to Take Care of Your Landscaping Needs?


A handyman is generally considered a jack-of-all-trades. This professional can be called upon for repairs in your home, to install flooring, hang drywall and complete many other home improvement jobs. But will their talent and skills extend into the backyard? Should you look to handyman services to handle your annual landscaping tasks or remodel your garden and grass?

It may depend on the work required.

Outdoor Living Structures

Handyman services are certainly capable of designing and building your outdoor structures. Decks, fences, sheds and patio coverings often make up the backbone of your landscaping, providing shade and privacy were needed. Compare the cost of a handyman with that of a professional deck or fence contractor, keeping in mind the design services and materials offered by either professional.

If the design is complicated or you are looking for a specific material, a handyman may not be able to help you out. But it s certainly worth a phone call to compare.

Grass Care and Planting

The majority of your landscaping most likely consists of grass. Your lawn requires plenty of care and maintenance on an annual basis. Aerating and dethatching are common tasks in the springtime, while fertilizing and replanting can be done in both spring and fall. In the heat of summer it s best not to handle your existing lawn, although new sod can be laid and fresh landscape designs carried out.

The advantage of hiring a professional landscaping firm for lawn care and planting lies in their access to proper machinery. This equipment makes the job efficient, generally lowering the cost and ensuring a more professional finish is attained. That s not to say that a handyman isn t equipped to handle this work; it s only that landscapers will have the machinery readily available and also employ laborers skilled in the operation of this equipment.

Garden Planning, Layout and Planting

Landscapers excel when it comes to laying out a garden. They know exactly what type of soil and plants will thrive in your area, as well as how to achieve the garden you are looking for. This type of knowledge takes years of training and experience in the field of horticulture. Most often this level of expertise cannot be expected of a handyman.

It might be cost effective to have a professional landscaper design a garden for your property. This service will cost you a certain amount of money, but having the handyman services look after the excavation and heavy work may result in savings over the entire project. If you decide to handle the planting on your own you can expect even more savings while still enjoying the benefits of a professional landscape design.

Often landscaping plans can be done in stages. It s always a good idea to hire a landscaping firm for the complicated and specialized work that requires the training and/or equipment that only an industry professional has. Otherwise, lighter and less complicated work falls well within the skills of most handyman companies. If you have a local firm that you can trust with reasonable rates and an available schedule, some savings and less wait time may be the result of hiring this firm.

Although handyman services are professionals, their specific experience in the field of landscaping may be limited. It s important to hire a landscaper when their expertise and equipment is essential, but your local, trusted handyman can handle other elements of the job. Compare the final costs and always choose the option that presents the best value for your money without sacrificing on quality.

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