Repair Leaks in Your Roof

Roof leak

A roof leak is something that is definitely not welcome in any household. Houses protect you from the outside elements and insulate, as well as protect you from them. However, if something does happen which leads to a roof leak, roof repair is something that any homeowner can do. Just make sure that you do it sooner rather than later, before roof replacement becomes the necessity and further increase your costs.

Here are a few basic steps to do when performing roof repairs.

What You Will Need:

* Safety goggles

* Caulk and a Caulking gun

* Roof cement

* Putty knife or utility knife

* Pry bar and scraper

* Replacement shingle(s)

* Hammer and galvanized roofing nails (6D)

Look for the Leak

You may not readily see at once if there is a roof leak. While you won't see water dripping from the ceiling at once, there can be tell-tale signs that roofing repair is needed. Water stains on the ceiling can be one of them, showing that water is somehow damaging the ceiling and leaving behind a stain. If you see the ceiling sagging downwards, then it may be more serious. It means that there is enough water trapped in between the roof and the ceiling for the ceiling to warp and sag in its weight. Usually, when there is some water damage, you should also smell a damp odor, like a wet sock that's been out for too long.

Mold can be another sign of a roof leak. Mold occurs when there is enough moisture on wood, so if there is mold, then there must be water.

Always take note that the damage may not be directly under where the roof leak is. Check your house's lay-out before going on the roof.

Repair the Roof Metal Flashing

Wear the proper footwear, like rubber-soled shoes, for traction. Secure your ladder on nice, solid ground. When it is really secured, then go ahead and climb up. Once you're on the roof, always make sure that safety comes first. Don't go walking on the roof if it's still wet and slippery from rain. That is only a recipe for disaster. Never fail to use safety ropes.

One of the first things you should look for when undergoing roof repairs is a roof leak close to metal flashing, where the roofing seal may have been opened and where water may have seeped through. Metal flashing is supposed to seal where two surfaces sort of intersect on the roof. These are also used to seal chimneys and vents, or even skylights. If the damage is visible, use a caulking gun to seal the hole back with caulk.

If you see that the roof cement is cracking or damaged, use a putty knife to apply a generous amount of brand new roof cement. Even roof nails that are exposed needs to be covered with roof cement to prevent corrosion.

Repair Shingles

Aside from damage in the metal flashing, roof repair also has to be done with any damaged or broken shingles.

Sometimes the damage is small and can be easily fixed. For example, if the shingle is just lifting up from the roof, then just use roof cement or cement compound to put them back together. Apply it on all lifted corners of the shingle using a caulking gun.

Sometimes shingles are also either damaged or even missing. If a shingle is cracked or damaged beyond roofing repair, lift all the surrounding shingles first and look for any nails that are protruding. Take those nails out with a pry bar, slide the shingle out and scrape out any old roof cement. Put the new shingle in place and align it with surrounding shingles. Hammer in the galvanized roof nails on all four corners of the shingle to put it in place steadily. Use roof cement to cover the heads of the nails to prevent corrosion.

Prevent Leaks

The only way to prevent any more roof leaks are to check your roof shingles and metal flashing at least once a year. Look for deterioration of any of the roofing parts, and determine if roofing repair is needed before the rainy season comes and roof leaks start happening again.

Having a roof over your heads is what everyone aspires for these days, and it's embarrassing if there is actually a roof leak. Good thing there's no need to worry, and that roof replacement doesn't have to be an option. Roof repair is something that can be done by any dedicated homeowner, as long as you have the right skills and tool set. Of course, if you want to, or if the damage is so severe that you will eventually require a total roof replacement, you can also find a professional roofing company. For all your home improvement needs, why not use It will connect you to a network of companies that can help you in all your home projects.

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