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What should I expect out of a painting project?

Painting is one of the easiest ways to drastically change the look of your home. The project seems straightforward, yet a significant amount of work goes into painting a room. Painters clean the walls, fill holes, sand patches, tape guidelines, move furniture, cover surfaces, and prime walls before they finally paint with colour!

How much does the project cost?

How large is area and how complex is the project? These two items will determine the price of your project.

To calculate the area first measure the height and width of the walls. Next, subtract the area of the doorways and windows respectively. If you wish to have the trim painted (crown moulding, window frames, door frames, baseboards) then factor in the depth, width, and length as well.

Prices fluctuate based on location but you can estimate using the following guidelines:

  • Walls: $.70 - $5.00/ft2
    • Simple walls without patches can cost as low as $0.70/ft2 to paint. More complex walls—found in a powder room, for example—are close to $5.00/ft2 to paint.
  • Window and door casings: $2.00/ft2
  • Baseboards, crowns, and trim: $1.50/ft2

Other factors that will increase the price of your project:

  • Cost of materials (paint, rollers)
  • Price of detail (smaller rooms with more edges (bathrooms and powder rooms) will be more expensive to paint
  • Textured surfaces

Even if you estimate the cost of the project and have a painter give you a preliminary quote, make sure to set additional money aside for this project. You should have an additional 10 – 20% of the project price available just in case.

Is this a DIY project?

There is a very distinct difference between a professional paint job and an amateur paint job—the lines are crisper, the project timeline is shorter, and the tools are better. If you decide to paint on your own then you must purchase all the painting equipment (including high-quality brushes) if you want the project to come out decent.

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