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From an interior designer's perspective, any home, even one newly built and fully furnished, can use an 'interior design' makeover! Examining a home for a design upgrade can be a daunting task to most not-so- fashionably-sensed homeowners. Especially, if you are just happy with the way things are and the way things look, and have been looking for a while.

Interior design can include many elements, but it has to be about your taste, style and level of comfort. Find something that will bring out the best in the rooms you work with, making them functional as well as relaxing. This is the ultimate goal of interior design, and without the WOW factor!

So, here is a list of some rather funny yet revealing tell-tale signs, hopefully convincing you, that your home may be in desperate need of an interior designer!

  1. You have been using the same furniture and furnishings since you moved into your home; and, even with the plastic covering removed from the furniture; there are still visible signs of sun stains on the couch and chair by the big picture window.
  2. Your living room has a couch, coffee table, a big comfy chair, and a wooden shelf unit, stuffed with old books, ‘knick knacks' and things, with a big TV on one wall. Oh yeah, and one lonely floor lamp, as the room has no decent ceiling light.
  3. Cracked, chipping, and peeling paint is visible in every room of the house; and you really can't remember the last time the place was painted. A decade, two decades ago?
  4. The kitchen faucets have been dripping for years and your counter top by your sink is also missing the caulking, and has now just started to leak.
  5. Your bathroom has the same fixtures and tiles of another era; as a matter of fact, your tiles have been discontinued, and you can't get that kind anymore!
  6. Your attic or basement remains unfinished, as your dreams of creating more space have long left you; or, have been replaced with depressing money considerations of the costs involved to design and renovate.
  7. The carpeting within the home is the same, but has only gotten duller with years of stains and walked on dirt.
  8. Your bedroom dresser drawers and closets are always packed with shirts, socks, blouses and skirts, not to mention shoes; you really never seem to have any room for.
  9. Your master bedroom, once a place of rest, love and solitude; has become crowded and filled with all kinds of unnecessary stuff!
  10. Your windows and doors are so old that they squeak as you close and shut them.

Humour aside, your home is your castle; one should feel comfortable and safe in your surroundings. New things don't make it a better home; the love, the care and the support within every home is what matters most. Yet, we need to ask....

Is your home ready for an interior design?

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