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There are other home stagers that are full service stagers that work directly with developers that may include choosing the paint, tiles, carpets, etc. for a newly built home, in addition to furnishing the home to make it look more appealing for potential buyers.

When a seller would like to use their own furnishings, a stager can consult with them to reduce any clutter to make rooms look more open. A stager can also help to reduce the negative impact the home may have such as being located on a busy street. One suggestion a stager may give is to put a fountain in the front to deflect the street noise giving the home a more pleasant atmosphere. A buyer usually will purchase a home on emotions, even though most will say it is based on logical decisions. Creating a warm and inviting home will give the buyer a feel that can make a huge difference.

Some of the benefits in using a home stager include a home that sells faster, and the seller generally receives higher offers. Moreover, when the real estate agent takes pictures of the home, they look better, which entices buyers to want to see the home. Finally, a staged home will usually have an edge over other similar properties, often selling quicker and before the home that has not been staged.

DIY Home Staging Tips

There are some tips for staging your home that also include the yard as well as the inside of your home. Curb appeal is very important. Trim the bushes, keep the lawn cut, and eliminate all clutter from the yard. If the outside of the house needs a coat of paint, ensure this is done prior to putting the house on the market. It is also recommended to not choose a color that is different than you already have on your home, unless the house color would turn buyers away.

Other tips include removing oil stains from the driveway, putting flowers on the front porch, or a new doormat. This will give the home an inviting appearance.

Tips for inside the home include eliminating all the clutter. This will make the home look bigger and more stylish. Some stagers will have the homeowner move out entirely and the stager will bring in their own items. This may not seem realistic for some, but if you have that option, it is one well-worth the trouble. You may just take out some of the furniture to give it a more open, airy feeling. Additionally, if the couch you own overpowers the living room, consider taking it out, as oversized furniture will make the room feel smaller. In essence, use size-appropriate furniture in the rooms.

A fresh coat of paint may be in order. When choosing colors, pick colors that appeal to most people - usually a neutral color will work the best. You should also replace any worn carpet or other flooring. If you have hardwood that looks worn, consider having it refinished. This will be more appealing to potential buyers. Also, keep your window coverings simple, or just take them down altogether, unless you intend on leaving them when you move out.

Be careful of what types of food you prepare, such as heavy garlic or similar-type odors. Unpleasant cooking odors can turn away a buyer. Some sellers will prepare cookies to create an inviting smell in the home. Moreover, if you have pets, ensure that there are no offending odors. Keep the litter pan clean and fresh, etc.

Finally, leave the lights on whether it is daylight or not. This will give the home a bright feeling and more inviting to potential buyers.

A home stager can help you implement these tips. Remember, buyers usually purchase a home with their hearts rather than their heads.

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