Small Spaces Make for Perfect Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodelling

Most families could use another bathroom, complete with toilet, sink and maybe even an extra shower. Whether the kids are growing up or the house is full of guests, your new bathroom will be more valuable than you can imagine. Consider how the small spaces found in your home can be easily turned into a serviceable area with a bathroom remodeling project.

On the Main Floor

A powder room on the main floor is a simple addition. If you have an alcove in your hallway or an extra large closet then you have the ideal spot for a new powder room. All that is needed is a sink and a toilet, although that will also involve plumbing in some water lines and venting pipes.

If you can arrange for this bathroom remodel to be placed near the kitchen or laundry room the plumbing in will be much easier. But in fact, with a professional on your side even the plumbing will go in fast and efficiently. Don't try this yourself unless you have extensive experience working with plumbing and will have an inspection done to be sure your work is up to building code.

Make sure the flooring is durable and think about hanging drywall that is rated for use with moisture. This product (sometimes called blue board or green board) will cut down on the risk of mold and mildew. With a few coats of kitchen and bath paint you can be confident that your new bathroom space will hold up well for years. Windows can be installed with shaded or etched glass for instant privacy.

On the Second Floor

Think about installing an extra bathroom on the second floor, where it will be conveniently accessed from the bedrooms. Again, look for extra space in closets and hallways, although some bedroom space can be used up if that will work for the balance of your floor plan.

Placement works well if the extra bathroom is near the existing one or directly above the kitchen, laundry or bathroom on the main floor. This allows for an efficient plumbing layout that will mean less pipe and better efficiency. Think about the venting as well, since this is very important to the overall design of your new bathroom. Exhaust fans should be put in, venting the room's air outside to reduce condensation and odors inside.

What You Need In a Small Bathroom

Small spaces work best with angled glass showers tucked into corners and compact vanities. Avoid tubs in this space and save them for larger bathroom remodels in the ensuite or main bath. If you can find built in bathroom cabinets (for above the toilet or under the sink) they will provide the necessary storage space in a compact way. If not, keep the supplies for the bathroom in a nearby closet and only store the immediate necessities inside your newly remodeled room.

Adding an extra bathroom where space permits on the first floor or upstairs near the bedrooms is always a good plan. Allowing for better flow through your home, even small bathroom remodeling projects add value to your house. Be sure to include the proper building materials and plumbing fixtures in your design and think about the best placement of the new room. Your entire family and all guests will appreciate the space a new bathroom provides.

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