Refinishing Bathtubs and Sinks

Bathtub refinishing

If your bathtub or sink is starting to look a little old and is no longer in such good condition then refinishing it may help to increase the value of your house. This needn't be as difficult as you may think and can often be done yourself if you take the correct precautions in doing so.

Take Special Precautions when Refinishing Bathtubs and Sinks

When you are refinishing bathtubs and sinks it is important to take special precautions as you will be working with some dangerous chemicals. The first thing you will need when repairing or refinishing bathtubs and sinks is a good pair of heavy-duty rubber gloves to protect your hands. You should also get a good face mask and if you are going to be working in a poor ventilated area then you may require a respirator as well. Try, where possible, to always work in a well ventilated area. Keep children and pets away from the area where you will be working.

Cleaning the Bathtub or Sink

The first step in repairing or refinishing a bathtub or sink is to clean the surface using chemical cleaners. This chemical cleaning should remove all caulking as well as surface residue, so that you are ready for the next step.

Sanding the Bathtub or Sink Surface

The next step in repairing and refinishing a bathtub or sink is to sand it down to create a smooth surface for the rest of your work. You can also use polyester filler to fill in any gaps you find. Once you have finished the sanding then you need to clean it but do not leave water or chemicals on the surface when you continue your work.

Add Primer and Paint to the Surface of the Bathtub or Sink

After you have sanded the bathtub or sink and cleaned it again, then you need to add the primer and allow it to dry completely. Once the primer is completely dry you can paint the surface of the bathtub or sink and allow this to dry for about two days.

Caulking your Bathtub or Sink

The final step in refinishing your bathtub or sink is the caulking process which acts as a waterproofing agent for your bathtub or sink. After you have given your paint time to dry you should then finish it with caulking and leave it to dry for another few days before using your newly refinished bathtub or sink.

Should You Refinish the Bathtub or Sink Yourself or Should You Get It Replaced?

Refinishing the bathtub or sink yourself can save you a lot of money if this is all that is necessary, but there are also certain pointers you should bear in mind before doing it yourself. Although refinishing may also help you fix any cracks or chips in the bathtub or sink, the real problem may be in finding the right color paint to match your bathroom. There are often subtle differences in paint and even when paint is considered white, there are still numerous variations of white paint, so finding a match may not be as easy as you first think it to be. You may also feel more comfortable getting a professional to do this for you if you can afford it and do not feel you have enough experience in handling the tools you will be required to work with for this task.

Refinishing and repairing a bathtub or sink is not as difficult as you may think and by taking a few special precautions you can really do this task yourself and save yourself a lot of money. The bathtub or sink first needs to be thoroughly cleaned, sanded and then cleaned again before adding primer, paint and caulking. When deciding whether to simply refinish the bathtub or sink yourself or whether you want to replace them or get in additional help you should consider your own abilities in this area, as well as whether you will easily be able to find the perfect match for the paint you have in your bathroom.

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