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Bathtub Size

The first thing you need to decide on is size, which is also possibly the most important consideration. After all, larger tubs are good if you have large numbers of people (or even one abnormally large person) living with you. But they also take up a large amount of space which you may or may not have. One the other hand, a small tub can fit virtually anywhere but it can be rather uncomfortable. Hiring a contractor can give you the best insight into what size is most appropriate for your spatial limitations and the number of people who will use it.

Bathtub Style

The next thing you must consider with a new tub is the style you want. Each of these types offer their own benefits as well as disadvantages, mostly relating to size and versatility. There are four different types of tubs to look at.

Recessed. The recessed tub is the most common tub you will find as it is the most affordable. It is built of three walls with the fourth side remaining open for a shower curtain. They can easily double as a shower and come in a variety of sizes, making them also the most versatile style as far as spatial limitations are concerned.

Freestanding. The freestanding tub is a classic style which is starting to gain in popularity. Rather than being mounted to the floors and/or walls like the other types, it is simply set on the floor without a fuss. This makes them able to be placed almost anywhere without a great deal of construction and just as versatile as a recessed tub.

Platform. The platform tub is like a small swimming pool as it is dropped either into a platform or the ground itself. This style is quite popular for upscale bathrooms or as a hot tub, but can be very pricy and difficult to install.

Corner. The fourth type is the corner tub, which is designed with space in mind. It is the smallest of the four styles, able to be put neatly in a corner. However, it is usually not large enough to support a shower.


The material you use is based almost entirely on the aesthetic of the bathroom. Most tubs are made of porcelain, which is easy to clean and cheap, but there are also marble tubs which give a sense of elegance but scratch easier. Many Canadians might also find relief in the winter with an enameled cast iron tub, as it holds in heat easier. Consult a designer to look for the best option.

When you are shopping around for a bathtub, you might think that it would be a fairly simple experience. However, shopping around for this necessary bathroom item could not be more complex. Questions about size notwithstanding, you also must consider style and material as well. This can make finding a bathtub for your bathroom renovation a bit of a hassle. Here are some guidelines to follow that can make your shopping experience a little easier.

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