Three Things to Consider Before Starting a Driveway Project


A project that will provide a functional and decorative area on your property, your new driveway is an important addition. To design the best driveway for your home there are a few different factors to consider. The size, shape and materials should be suitable for your lifestyle and property, as well as create a usable and durable surface. A well designed driveway will be of great value to your family.

Size and Number of Vehicles

One of the first things to consider when laying a new driveway is the type of vehicles that will be parking there. Average sized cars will need a driveway that is at least ten feet wide with larger vehicles requiring more. For a double car style you'll need to design for at least twenty feet of width.

The length of the driveway is more dependent on where the garage is or how far the house is away from the road, but you'll need to make sure there is enough room for at least one vehicle to pull in completely without hanging over the sidewalk. If you're on a corner lot consider whether entering off the other street will allow you to have a longer, wider drive.

Driveway Shape Will Add Safety

With long driveways or those that run onto busier streets it may be wise to incorporate a turn around or a “T-shaped” section. This allows you to pull into your driveway and park, before turning the vehicle around and pulling out frontward again. With that design you won't be backing out onto a busy street or down an extended lane, presenting a safer method of parking than a straight laneway would.

This type of driveway can also be better in terms of snow removal. Although it may be trickier the get around the curves and corners, a bend in the driveway can provide a convenient place to store snow as it builds up. Unique gardens work well in this setting and your driveway will have visual interest almost immediately.

The Best Material for Your New Driveway

This depends a lot on your budget, but will also be determined by the type of house you have and the overall landscaping in the area. Your driveway should compliment and blend in well, not stick out or be the center point of the front landscape.

Asphalt is a very common choice, although plain. It's economical and somewhat durable, although often it will need to be sealed regularly. Stone pavers or interlock is another choice that is most often used in high end applications.

Patio pavers of any sort will require the proper base and an experienced installation to be sure the driveway is stable and built to last. The design of interlock can become quite busy and should only be used if it compliments the style of home you have. Often driveways finished in interlock will also include a pathway to the porch or backyard in a matching style.

Concrete is becoming a material of choice for driveways, in both brushed, exposed aggregate and stamped finishes. New technology allows concrete driveways to become attractive, highly durable and fairly affordable options that many homeowners are including in their landscaping. Driveways of this type should be completed by a professional for a dependable job and can also incorporate attractive walkways, as well as garden edging and curbs.

When completing a driveway project you should think about three factors to ensure the optimum design. The vehicles you will be parking there need enough room and the shape can determine how safely those vehicles pull in and out. Materials are an important consideration and are often chosen based on budget and the style of your house. Think about the best layout for your new driveway and make this project worthwhile.

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