Seven Best Deck Accessories


Building a deck can be a big investment. That's why it's important to hire a licensed building contractor who's well versed in deck building and design. But no matter whom you hire to build your deck, it's up to you to choose the design, style and accessories that compliment your new deck. This list of seven best deck accessories can help you to choose the ultimate in deck accessories that will compliment your decks style and design perfectly. Choose one or all of these unique deck accessories and you'll be sure to have a deck that's far from the conventional and boring deck designs.

Solar Powered Post Cap Lights

Deck lighting can be an extremely important deck accessory, especially if you plan on using your deck during more than just the daytime hours. But the big problem with deck lighting is that it can be difficult to find the best place where it's effective but far enough out of the way to prevent it from being a nuisance. Spotlights can be well hidden, but they tend to cast too many shadows and are better suited to task lighting on a deck than for ambient lighting. And many solar powered ambient lights just aren't bright enough to light up a deck.

That's where solar powered post cap lighting comes into play. Attached directly to the top of any 4x4 or 4x6 railing or stair post, this decorative cover not only provides the perfect out of the way lighting solution, they also look good doing it. Best of all, solar powered post lights need no wiring or charging ever!

Glass Balusters

Why settle for simple everyday wood spindles or balusters when you could have glass! While decorative or gingerbread wood balusters may look nice, a deck that is looking out over the ultimate view might not let you get the "big picture" when a small four inch space is the only view between wooden balusters.

Glass balusters allow a complete and uninhibited view of the surrounding area. Made from specialized tempered glass, these balusters come ready to go in complete sections for quick and easy installation. Being preassembled and simple to install, labor and materials prices are less than you think. It may look like a million bucks, but it certainly doesn't have to cost that much.

Hidden Deck Fasteners

Conventional deck installation uses screws or nails driven through the surface of the decking board to secure it to the joist. But when this is done, the nail or screw causes the inner wood fibers to be penetrated and allows water and debris to enter the hole. After time, these holes can enlarge and cause cracks or splits to form in the decking surface.

Hidden deck fastening systems come in a wide variety of designs for different materials and sized boards. Typical hidden fasteners for wood and composites are screwed flush to the joist and attached into the side of the board with the pointed metal end on the fastener clip. Whether your decking material is made from PVC or fine hardwood, different fasteners are designed for different materials, so be sure you choose the correct hidden fastening system for the job.


When decks are in the open or in direct sunlight, they can be uncomfortable during certain times of the day. When it's impossible or nor cost effective to cover a deck with a roofing system, an arbor can be just the solution for covering a deck. Typical arbors are supported by decorative columns. Two beams run between the four columns and decorative joists are attached to the beams forming a flat roof. More often than not, climbing vines or shrubbery is planted in containers to grow over the arbor for the ultimate in shaded deck luxury.

Arbors can be built directly attached to the deck, or purchased prebuilt and attached to the deck by your decking contractor. If you're looking for a wood arbor, hiring a decking contractor to build one for you is probably much more budget friendly than having one delivered. But when metal arbors are desired, shipping one direct from the manufacturer can be the cheapest way to get your favorite arbor installed over your deck.

In-Deck Stair Lighting

Stairs and decks are usually synonymous with one another. Being built up off the ground, stairs are a common feature leading to and from the yard and deck. But when darkness falls and lighting options are limited, stairs can be a dangerous and difficult area of the deck to navigate. That's where in-deck stair lighting comes into play. Mounted flush into the riser, the light shines outward onto the tread creating a warm ambient glow that's perfect for navigating stairs.

The unique thing about in-deck stair lighting is that it works using very low wattage bulbs. LED's are often a common way to install stair lighting in small places. Some units are solar powered and require a simple panel to be placed outside of the deck, other units require the use of a low voltage transformer to lower voltage from 120V to 12V.

Storage Bench

From brooms to brushes, maintenance tools are all used to keep a deck clean and free from debris. Besides tools, barbecue equipment, tiki torches and seating cushions are all items that need to be put away after each use. But instead of taking a trip to the storage shed or garage, a simple waterproof storage bench will do the trick.

A waterproof storage bench can be custom made by a decking contractor or delivered from the factory direct to the site. Made from wood, fiberglass, PVC or plastic, deck storage benches can be made to match the deck perfectly, or contrast it for a great accent piece.

Deck Fireplace

This amazing deck feature can be used to get warm on cold nights, roast marshmallows or have a romantic evening with the one you love. Best of all, it increases the design aspect of your deck by creating a focal point or centerpiece to your deck area. Benches, lighting and even deck boards themselves can help to accent the outdoor fireplace.

The outdoor fireplace can come in a huge variety of styles, shapes and designs allowing for the complete match for any design. Whether you get a small portable clay chimnea or a huge built-in stone fireplace, an outdoor fireplace is the ultimate in deck accessories.

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