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Stone fireplace and tv inset
by Alair Homes Toronto from Toronto rating 6 reviews
Living room
by Alair Homes Edmonton from Edmonton rating 10 reviews
Living room
from Nanaimo
Living room
by Alair Homes from North Vancouver rating 13 reviews
Living room
by Alair Homes Edmonton from Edmonton rating 10 reviews

What You Need

No matter what you do with the living room, it needs four things: a sofa, a coffee table, a loveseat or recliner, and a focal point. The aesthetic of these four essential items should complement the look you want to achieve with your living room.

Sofa and Chairs. When it comes to sofas and chairs, cloth is the everyman's option for a basic place to rest your feet at the end of the day. Cloth is versatile, comes in any pattern you can possibly think of, and is easy to maintain. If you want something a bit classier, though, leather will serve you better, though you won't find as many unique patterns. Another option which is growing in popularity is microfiber, which is very durable and a popular choice for pet owners. It is important, however, that you keep the furniture style consistent no matter how many pieces you might have.

Coffee Table. The coffee table is the go-to storage area for the living room. Some coffee tables are simply that: four legs and a flat surface. However, the standard coffee carries with it a risk to become cluttered and unappealing. You can solve the issue by including end tables or baskets for your remotes and light reading materials to be kept. Another option is get a coffee table which doubles as a chest for keeping digital media like video games and DVDs.

Focal Point. The focal point is literally the extra thing in the living room that provides whatever enjoyment is to be had. Some living rooms sport a fireplace, which lends a touch of elegance to the space, while others have a large entertainment system which can house your stereo and TV as well as gaming systems, movie and CD collections, and extra storage space for magazines. Another focal point option is a large bookshelf for those who are more academic-minded.

Get Some Help

Hiring an interior designer is possibly the best move you can make when you are considering remodeling or redecorating your living room. A professional designer can tell you what colors to use and what to look for regarding your furniture that is consistent with what you want. Then you can truly enjoy your redesign experience as you work toward the living room you truly deserve.

When you are thinking of remodeling your home, the very first place you look is probably the living room. That is really quite understandable. It's the most visible area of the house and probably the room with the greatest amount of traffic. You host parties in there. You watch or even play games in it. You probably have a weekly family night in there also where you gather around to watch a movie or play a board game. Everybody has their own particular uses for the living room and what you do in it determines entirely how you should decorate it and what style the furnishings should be.

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