Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen remodeling

For many people, the kitchen is one of the most popular rooms to remodel. A beautiful kitchen can add enjoyment, value and longevity to your home. Since the kitchen is the room where many families spend the bulk of their time, adding comfort makes a lot of sense.


Due to the number of spills and the amount of use it sees, a kitchen floor is often the first in the house to show signs of wear. This is why your selection of flooring materials is so important. Maintenance will keep your floor beautiful, but if you choose a durable material right from the beginning, that maintenance will be easier and probably less frequent.

A traditional hardwood floor is undeniably handsome in a kitchen. It brings warmth and coziness, even if the rest of the room is sleek and modern. Today's hardwood choices give you more options than ever before. You can go fully traditional with an oak or pine floor, you can choose the environmentally friendly route and choose bamboo or manufactured laminate, or you can try a different approach altogether and choose a concrete floor which has been finished to imitate hardwood. The choice is yours.

If you're following trends, however, you may want to explore the world of reclaimed wood. These floors have all the beauty and durability of traditional hardwood without the impact on the environment. Reclaimed wood has been salvaged from another purpose...another floor, or an old building such as a barn. Once it's cut properly, this wood is then installed like any other hardwood floor. Many different varieties of reclaimed wood are available, and like any other hardwood; you can stain your floor however you like.

No matter what kind of floor you install, remember that proper maintenance is more important in the kitchen than in any other room of the house. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for sealing, buffing, and any other type of maintenance to ensure that your floor stays beautiful for years to come.


A trip to the store these days is a shock for most people. It's simply amazing what kitchen appliances can do. You can purchase refrigerator/freezers which can be configured in a number of ways, those with coffeemakers in the door, and even some with tiny computers!

It's enough to confuse anybody, and it's certainly too much to discuss in detail here. The best thing to remember when shopping for new appliances is to keep your own needs in mind. Sure, a double oven is wonderful if you entertain all the time, or have a very large family. However, for a young couple with no children, it's not a necessity. Think of how you use your kitchen, and buy accordingly.

In the world of trends, a metal finish is still the favorite among consumers. French doors on refrigerators, built-in microwaves, faucets with pull-out spray attachments and induction ranges are also big sellers.


Adding an island is still one of the most popular kitchen additions, as it has been for years. These additions are one of the most handy, usable things to have in a kitchen, since they can perform so many functions. Many families use an island as their kitchen table, eating breakfast, lunch and snacks there. Islands are also perfect surfaces for kids to do homework or projects. They can also be turned into prep centers when at mealtimes, offering much more usable space than most kitchens' counters.

When you add an island, you must consider space. There's no point in having an island which is so big that it's hard to move through the kitchen. It's also frustrating to have too little space. Measure several times, and consider an irregularly-shaped island if your kitchen won't accommodate a rectangular one very well. With a little creativity, nearly any kitchen can accommodate an island; it just might take a bit of planning. Remember to match or complement the rest of the kitchen when it comes to design, and don't forget to wire electrical outlets into the island. It's a wonderful work surface, and you don't want to give up all that work space simply because a cord won't stretch!


A nice countertop can literally change the face of your kitchen. There are several trendy materials right now, all popular for different reasons.

Marble has always been a favorite for its appearance and because it's always cool to the touch, making it ideal for baking. However, marble can be damaged extremely easily. A spill or a dropped utensil can leave a permanent stain or scratch. For this reason, the pros recommend using marble in an out-of-the-way area. You can set up a space for baking, for example, that's away from the busier areas of the kitchen.

For its warm colors and durability, limestone is gaining in popularity. In fact, some professionals think it will soon overtake granite for the natural countertop material of choice. Available in range of browns, limestone has a cozier appearance than granite, making it ideal for a country-style kitchen.

Stainless steel has long been used in the restaurant industry, and for good reason. It's easy to clean, durable and can actually be sanitized, unlike most other porous materials. If you're going to use stainless steel for your countertops, be sure to balance its cold, industrial look with some warm accents. Floors of cozy reclaimed hardwood or warm colors on walls can balance it well. You could also consider using stainless in one spot only, as a food-prep area.

As you can see, the variety of options you have when it comes to kitchen remodeling can be intimidating. There's no reason to become overwhelmed, however. Take things slow, and be absolutely certain of what you want before you start making purchases - search online for pictures of completed kitchen renos and be diligent in your search for the right contractor. A contractor experienced in kitchen remodeling can be a great help if you're planning a full-scale remodel. If you're changing just a few essential elements, remember to buy for the way you use your kitchen. This will ensure that you end up with a kitchen that fits your lifestyle, and one that you can truly be happy with.

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