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What Kind of Space Do You Have?

The first thing you need to ask yourself when you're looking at designing your kitchen is space. The amount of space you have determines everything you can do with a kitchen. Floor space isn't the only thing to consider, however. You also need to look at wall space and the overall position of your appliances, like the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher if you have one. Most people who decide to redesign their kitchen work around those appliances as they don't have to worry about moving them.

Once you have mapped out your kitchen around the necessary appliances, it is time to decide the style. Small areas with a lot of horizontal floor space and vertical wall space require a practical layout which maximizes the amount of space available. A galley-style kitchen, in this case, would serve the homeowner best as it takes full advantage of the vertical space with a lot of cabinets to increase the storage area.

If you have a lot of floor space and even more wall space, however, your options become limitless. With a large kitchen, you can incorporate an island, a bar, or even a walk-in pantry if you so choose. There is almost no end to how you can lay out a large kitchen. In these instances, your best option would be to hire a professional home designer to advise you on what direction you want to take regarding storage space as well as ideas to modernize your kitchen.

Time to Build!

When you begin to actually build your new kitchen, you need to make a lot of decisions regarding materials. The kitchen is possibly the most versatile room in the house and offers the widest variety of materials you can use to spice it up. Countertops can range anywhere from hard plastic to marble. Cabinets have hundreds of types of wood, such as mahogany and pine, which are used to create different colors. Sometimes upgrading appliances is necessary to reflect the new aesthetic. The choices are seemingly endless, and only a certain combination will do.

Colors need to pop in order to make the kitchen bright and happy. Materials must be fashionable as well as strong. Once again, though, a professional home designer can help you decide precisely what to use and the kind of expenses and benefits attributed to them.

Designing your kitchen can be both thrilling and exhausting at the same time. But knowing what you want, what to use, and how to get it can make your redesigning adventure the greatest time of your life.

The kitchen is more than a place to make food. It is a common meeting area for family and friends as well as a popular center for celebrations, from birthdays and New Years to Super Bowl parties and graduations. Whether you have tremendous aspirations for the perfect dream kitchen or you are only focused on making a functional space in which to create culinary masterpieces, effective kitchen design is a necessity for a good home.

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