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Small Kitchen Layout You Know What They Say About Small Kitchens, Don't You?.. More Options! "There was an old woman; who lived in a shoe, she had a small kitchen; she didn't know what to do; she updated her space; Without a tear shed, and felt so accomplished; she went right to bed." Feeling doubts about moving to a new place because the kitchen is so small? Worried, you might even pass up buying a great house for that reason. "There's no way I'll be able to fit everything in that tiny space, let alone have enough room to cook!" But how do you think the old woman who lived in a shoe did it? With just a little imagination and effort a small kitchen can grow by miles! Step 1: Install cabinets in unexpected places! Perhaps the best way to save space when it comes to cabinetry is under your feet! In a trap door style, think about installing small cabinets in the floor. If you're not ready to commit to changing your flooring, look at the corners of your kitchen. How are your cabinets set up? Certain types of cabinets are specifically designed for corners. Bring these into play when trying to maximize the area in your kitchen. One design is having drawers in the shape of a corner or right angle that roll out diagonally from the wall. Another design, a more popular design probably, is a multi-tiered Lazy Susan. Another great area to place cabinets is down through the top of your counters or island. However if your counters and/or island already have cabinets on the sides, it's probably best to just go with those. Step 2: Revamp your existing cabinets! There are easy fixes you can make use of to create more space in the cabinets you have. First, add shelves inside your cabinets. Some of your cabinets most likely come this way already, but some may only have one level to put items on. Ponder the advantages and disadvantages of adding shelving inside your cabinets. Look at what you want to store there. Will the items fit in a shorter space? If yes, then by all means create twice or three times the space inside the cabinet by adding multiple levels! Second, the door to a cabinet is more than just a way to protect or hide what is inside. Think about either adding a thin shelf (about the size of a shower caddy or even smaller. FYI you can actually use some shower hangers for this exact purpose) to the inside or outside of your cabinet to store things like cutting boards, a knife set, or plastic wrap and tin foil! Finally, Step 3: Get creative and trendy! Some of the most excellent space savers come from surprising places! Explore your home and garage for unique things that can be used in your kitchen.
Do you have an old kid's wagon, rolling entertainment center or baby changing table? If so, these pieces can be perfect for a pantry or cleaning kit that can be moved in or and out of the kitchen. A dishwasher can be used for more than washing dishes and can maybe double or actually triple your counter space. Either get a detached dishwasher that has a countertop on it already OR perhaps even more splendid, get a roll-out dishwasher that fits underneath your counter. Roll it out if you need more counter and roll it in when you don't! Think about non-traditional places to put your kitchen essentials. Everyone has seen pots and pans hung over an island. In a small kitchen, you may not have room for that island. Instead, hang your pots and pans over your sink! Also stop putting unnecessary things in drawers and move your cooking utensils to hooks on either the wall or along your cabinets to save room. Extra helpful tips:

  • Only store the things you really need while in your kitchen in the space. There is no need to clutter your already small kitchen with non-essentials. Take your dog's dish to the bathroom or hallway. Move your coat hanger to the living room or porch. Even think about keeping your cleaning supplies in another area.
  • Utilize EVERY inch of space you have! Don't forget that you are dealing with a 3D space. Length, width, and height of your walls, floors, and ceiling can all be used to your advantage.
  • Really make use of some "random" items in your home! For example, a plastic coat hanger can be used as a cookbook holder that you can hang above you while cooking!

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