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Stone veneer
The Strong Beauty of Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is a great way to add both beauty and value to the home. In essence, stone veneer pieces are made with Portland cement in the shape of real stone and dyed to for a realistic-looking, stone finish to the home's exterior. For installation over concrete or brick walls these surfaces do not need any sheathing components underneath. However, wood-sheathed walls should be covered with a moisture-proof barrier to avoid deterioration. A metal lath is installed over this and the pieces are mortared into place.

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Creating a Safe Outdoor Entertaining Space

If you intend to do a lot of outdoor entertaining, this article is a must-read. No matter how careful you may be, accidents happen, but there are clear steps you can take to make your outdoor living space safer for your guests and family. Best of all, these changes don't take much time or money and can help improve the look and functionality of your outdoor living space.

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Kitchen remodeling
Tips for Kitchen Remodeling

In this article you'll learn about tips on remodeling your kitchen. Kitchen remodeling tips that can help you plan and design your dream kitchen. Knowing how to budget and plan and how to choose a reputable contractor is important. Homeowners should not be put off by cost of remodeling their kitchen as it can increase the value of their home. Giving forethought to use of space, flooring, lighting and appliances is important.

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Home theatre
Tips on Building a Home Theatre

Home theatre design has come a long way, with large-screen LED TVs or hi-resolution projectors now being the norm. But before you buy the digital equipment, you need to build a special room that mimics the best movie theatres. This requires materials that would enhance the audio-visual experience.

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Safety when Painting

Painting is a common project for homeowners interest in DIY home improvement projects. However, in some instances, this type of project can be dangerous. If you're planning to paint one of the ones in your home, it is important to be cautious by learning about the dangers of some kinds of paint and how you can make this process as safe as possible.

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10 Inexpensive Tips To Save Electricity

Electricity, like most forms of energy, always seems to go up in price and those with electric heat suffer the most during the winter. However by following a few tips, and common sense, the electrical bill can be held in check or even lowered. The great thing for homeowners is that most energy conservation methods are cheap and can be easy home improvements.

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Solar energy
Seven Benefits of Converting your Home to Solar Energy

IN this article, we'll discuss the benefits of solar energy. Many homeowners think that solar energy systems are too expensive to install. While it is true that they can be pricey, the advantages of solar energy might outweigh the disadvantages. Before making a snap decision about solar energy, check out the main reasons why it could make sense in your home.

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OWB: Outdoor Furnaces

Outdoor furnaces, or OWB's, are wood-burning water heaters that are situated outside of the home. This type of heating unit provides a cleaner and safer heat source that heats a coolant that is transferred to the home in underground, insulated pipes. The heat is provided by pumping the hot liquid into a heating system inside the home or building.

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Asphalt driveway
How to Seal your Asphalt Driveway

Proper exterior maintenance can prevent major problems in the future. In this article, we'll go over the method you'll need to use to seal your asphalt driveway. Sealing asphalt is an important process to do every one or two years, as it keeps water from creating cracks, and since the process isn't difficult, there's really no reason not to do it.

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Deck Building Tips

Deck building is a seasonal activity in Canada because in many parts of the country the outside activity is much shorter than that of our southern neighbours. Unlike decks made in warmer climates the Canadian weather also has an effect on deck building materials. This means that wooden deck surfaces must be protected, or the deck surfaces should be constructed from more durable materials like composite decking or cedar.

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