What is the best technique for shaving interior doors when they expand due to humidity?

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When doors start to expand because of increased humidity, it's common to need to trim or shave them to make sure doors still open and close smoothly.

Here's a step-by-step guide to shaving the inside of a door:

1. Evaluation

Take a closer look to figure out which parts of the door are causing friction or getting stuck. Check if the door is touching either the door frame or the floor when you try to open or close it.

2. Tools Required

You need to have a pencil, a straight edge (such as a ruler or a level), a utility knife or chisel, a block plane, sandpaper, and your safety gear, which includes safety glasses, ear protection, and a dust mask.

3. Take Off The Door

It’s a good idea to unhinge the door to simplify the task. However, you can still work on it while it's in position if the door is too heavy.

4. Identify The Spots To Trim

Use a pencil and a straightedge to mark the sections of the door that require trimming. Pay attention to the elevated areas or the places causing the door to get stuck. Make sure your markings are consistent to ensure you remove material evenly from both sides.

5. Start Shaving The Door

If you've taken the door off, make sure it's securely placed on a steady work surface. Now, using a block plane, chisel, or utility knife to remove a small amount of material from the marked spots. Don’t rush and regularly check how the door fits. The key is to make even, gentle strokes and retest the door's fit after each one. If the door is still in place, use a chisel or utility knife carefully.

6. Sand And Add Final Touches

After you've taken off the necessary material to make the door fit just right, use sandpaper to smooth, neat, and polished look. You can also refinish the door to restore its original appearance.

7. Put The Door Back Onto Its Hinges

Once you have achieved the desired fit and finish, reinstall the door onto its hinges. Test it out to make sure it opens and closes without any issues.

8. Think Through Your Cuts

Before you start cutting, decide how you'll trim the door. Typically, you'll focus on the door's edge that's causing it to stick. Make gentle, small cuts to avoid taking off too much material at once.

9. Check The Latch and Strike Plate Alignment (If Needed)

Sometimes door's shaving impacts the door locks and latches with the strike plate, in that case you might have to make some adjustments to get everything working smoothly.

Take your time and handle the door with care as you shave or trim it. Make those adjustments bit by bit to avoid going overboard and taking off more than necessary. If you're feeling unsure, why not leave it to the pros? Consider bringing in a skilled windows and doors contractor to tackle the job for you. Our dedicated team at is here to connect you with qualified specialists who can assist with your door repairs.

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