Basement Remodels That Will Add Value to Your Home

Basement remodel

You can add valuable space to your home with a basement remodel. By utilizing the structure that is already there a renovation on the basement level is an affordable option for many homeowners. But how can you design this particular renovation to have the most impact on the value of your home?

It's all about the use of space and there may be many more factors involved than you first suspect.

Rooms To Include and Rooms To Avoid

Your basement area should include a bathroom if at all possible. There will be circumstances where, due to grade or size, a bathroom is not feasible. However, if there is a way to make it work, do so. Even a small powder room is a valuable addition.

Adding a second or third (or fourth) bathroom in your home is a major boost to the value. Whether potential buyers are families or retirees, having adequate bathroom space is essential. Often basement bathrooms are more functional than luxurious, but you can include the features and fixtures that you would like. The actual room and function are what matters to the overall value.

The balance of the space is best left as open as possible, but that of course depends on how much room you have. If a bedroom or office can be tucked into one corner of the floor go ahead and build it, but avoid adding too many walls and steer clear of any hallways. Because the basement already feels darker that upstairs, the addition of a hall or passageway with unnatural light could be stifling and uncomfortable.

Some great ideas for a room to include in your basement remodel include:

  • Games room with ping pong, billiards, air hockey or whatever suits your family
  • Combination library, office space and study area - watch that the books are not exposed to excess moisture
  • Home theater complete with built in speaker wiring

Try to avoid designing the space in a way that is too specific. For instance, if you like to work out and want a fitness room downstairs be sure to include flooring with enough give, but leave out the mirrored walls commonly seen in public gyms.

Must Have Features to Build In

Furniture will certainly make the space downstairs but a few built in features will ensure your renovation investment is used wisely. How about a new gas fireplace or gas stove, designed to offer you comfortably warm living space? Or any of the numerous designs available for built in storage? Bookshelves that flank the fireplace or TV are a classic touch that can be used for anything, not just books. Also, the space under the stairs is often perfect for a storage room or more areas of open shelving. Additional storage needs are a big reason that people relocate and a remodeling project gives you the chance to provide that.

Tackling your basement remodel with an eye on adding value to the space is a great idea. Not only will your daily life become more comfortable and organized, but the project will also become a long-term investment in your house. By adding a bathroom and keeping the balance of the space fairly open you are designing for the needs of most buyers. With added storage space and a gas fireplace you can make the area even more cozy and serene. Although you should always build with your family needs in mind, choosing elements and designs that will add value is just a smart move.

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