Should I Add a Game Room to the Basement?

Games Room

As the holidays approach and we all snuggle into our cozy homes, many people stop to ponder how they can add a game room to the house in minimum time and budget. It would give everyone a place to kick back and enjoy each other's company. It'd be separate from the main living area, so your house doesn't turn into some kind of an arena. And everyone will memorable the good times and lots of laughter that you enjoy while competing at your favorite games.

Here are a few quick things to consider before you start hammering.

Is Your Basement Fit for a Game Room?

You seem to think so, because you're reading this article. In any case, make sure your basement is free of moisture or unpleasant smells, dust, termite, etc. Luckily, you can easily solve most of these problems yourself or with help from professional contractors.  Can you shift or dispose of the useless junk that you have lying down there and tidy up that space? Good!

What Type of Games Should I Include?

That's a question you should be asking your family and yourself. Game selections will depend upon the layout, size, and features of the room. Personally, I'd prefer games with an element of physical exercise or mental training, such as Ping-Pong, Pool, or even some indoor games, with an exercise bike or multi-gym in a corner. But there is much you can do with a game room.

  • If your family is into new age consoles, add a Xbox One or PS4 along with a couple arcade games. If you're into vintage games, add a Sega Genesis or an Atari.
  • Pinball machines are a major aspect of almost any kid friendly game room. Air hockey or pool tables are also excellent additions. Remember that an array of games makes everyone, including guests, happy.
  • Don't forget about the big screen television and a surround sound system. Adding a game room can vary in cost all depending upon what you want. In the end, you control the budget from creation to the game population.

Comfort is Key

Aside from the games, you should also think about comfort. Your game room should include comfortable chairs and cushions to accommodate more people. This will turn the game room into a hub of family activity.
Most people enjoy having a snack while playing any type of game. So, you might want to include a mini fridge to avoid frequent trips to the kitchen. You and your gamers will always appreciate being in close proximity to a nice snack.

A Few More Things to Consider

With any room in your home, you have to think about storage. And your new game room is no different. You will want a means of storing all of the gaming gear, controllers, and anything else that you decide to keep in the room.

Look into game organizing systems, such as media cabinets and storage chests. You'll find endless options in many price ranges. If the game specific organization and storage system don't seem to fit your needs, bookshelves, media shelves, and custom shelving are viable options. If you're a crafty do-it-yourselfer, you could even build your own custom storage space!

Things You Can Outsource

After you've decided on the location, the games to include, the seating options, and the storage setup, it's time to start building your game room. The project can take a few days to a few weeks, depending upon how detailed a job you require. You may require the services of a basement contractor to revamp the ceiling, walls, floor, etc. You can also decide to outsource the whole project, in which case some contractors will be able to share their ideas or even present 3D visualizations of the proposed game room.


After your game room has been completed, you and your family will be in for some immersive entertainment! You may even wonder how you ever lived without it. It's a great place for guests to go and relax, and there's no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than playing a friendly game of Pool. Chances are your new game room will be the perfect wreck or entrainment room during the holidays, too.

To add spice to the sauce, you are not only adding functionality and awesome games to your home, you are also adding value to your property. Extra space always means a higher price if you ever need to sell your house.

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