Creating a Home Game Room for Enhanced Family Fun

Game room

More entertainment-focused than a family room, a game room offers the following benefits:

  • Adds new dimension to family fun.

  • Enhanced in-home recreation, available 24/7.

  • After initial investment, at-home entertainment saves money.

  • Increases real estate value of your home.

  • Offers a safe, stimulating environment for children and teens.

  • Provides the perfect place for parties and entertaining.

  • Stay at home fun reduces the need for a babysitter.

  • The perfect place to escape daily stresses; “hang out” and relax.

All reasons why an increasing number of homeowners are opting for a family game room design in lieu of the more traditional TV or family room.

DIY Home Makeover

If you are considering a game room as part of your home makeover, you are not alone. Many families throughout Canada are doing the same!

If you haven't a TV or family room to convert into a game room, your home most likely has unused space just waiting to be put to good use. Cutting construction costs; either to save funds or get additional game room features.

Consider, for instance, the attic, basement, or loft; all perfect locations for a game room. A dry basement or attic offers an out-of-the-way place that can be fortified with sound proof insulation to reduce noise.

Loft conversion would provide space less private than that of a basement or attic renovation. However, an open loft design provides a more visible game room; ideal for families with small children requiring supervision.

The Ultimate Game Room; a Matter of Design and Function

Whether small and cozy, large and elaborate, or somewhere in between; careful planning is critical to create the ultimate game room.

Consider the following:

  • Room decor - regardless of the type design you select - classic arcade, sports bar, or casino Las Vegas style - carry the theme throughout the room. Including game room furniture and game room lighting…right down to game room curtain style. Tip: make a custom look window covering for a narrow basement window using a gold, bright red, or other color table runner. Split it in two; accent with beading or rhinestones hot glued along the hem. Cost - $10 or under.

  • Make game room design distinctive from the rest of the house - with its own theme and color scheme. An elaborate casino or neon lit arcade design, for instance, is fine; even for homes with classic country decor. Creating the illusion of crossing the threshold, into another world; one fascinating and fun!

  • Leave ample floor space between features so that movement is unobstructed. Elements such as a pool table require more extra space than a pinball machine. A juke box may or may not need lots of nearby floor space - depending upon whether dancing space is desired.

  • Include an assortment of game types; for variety as well as broader audience appeal. Consider a ping pong table, indoor basketball hoop, dart board, video games, and various board and card games; pinochle, backgammon, and casino poker.

  • Offer activities appropriate for different age groups and skill levels. For instance, checkers and chess; bingo and cribbage, ping pong and pool.

  • While game room equipment is essential for overall success, don't underestimate the importance of room design and decorating elements that maximize game room enjoyment. Wall color, room accessories, and lighting - all key to creating just the right carefree atmosphere.

  • Don't put a damper on free-spirited fun by concerns over excess noise. Install adequate insulation between walls. Also consider the use of upholstered wall panels to further cut down on noise, while enhancing room decor.

  • Incorporate ample seating in room design; for enjoying refreshments, watching game competitions, or to rest and relax. Helpful hint: save money by purchasing seating and other conversation area furnishings at thrift stores and garage sales. Total projected cost: $80 or under.

Game Room Variety - the Spice of Adventure and Fun

Consider the various games and game room equipment listed below:

  • Sports games - consider an air hockey or football table game, for instance. Carry the sports theme into room decor, if you like; using college, NFL football, or MLB baseball team colors and logos. Game room idea: bean bag chairs provide perfect seating for game rooms; they are available in university and sports colors, bearing the logos of your favorite sports team. Beanies are comfortable, easily moved, and can be stacked in a closet when more floor space is needed.

  • What about a golf putting mat or a computerized golf putting training aid?  Available with shapes that change electronically, programmable skill levels, automated ball return, and more.

  • A dart board - whether an electronic dart board with programmable game styles and skill levels; a soft tip, standard cork, or magnetic dart board. Select from various models - including sports theme, tournament sized professional dart board, or one in a decorative cabinet.

  • Home casino game tables - including Texas hold'em, roulette, and blackjack. Some come with removable and reversible dining/game playing combination tops; with bumpers and built-in trays for gaming chips, dice, etc.

  • Table top games - including dominoes, chess, card games, backgammon, etc.

  • Arcade game choices - including old favorites such as a pac man arcade game, alpine ski, or space invader arcade game. Select a full size arcade game or money and space saving countertop models.

  • A pinball machine - for the ultimate in game room fun; with multi-play fields, magnets, bumpers, ramps, flippers, and targets. Select from old favorites and new; including a spider man pinball machine (1, 2, or 3), and Pirates of the Caribbean. Note: arcade games and pinball machines might add considerably to game room expense, but intensify the game room experience. To save money, buy a used pinball machine instead of new.

Other considerations include a large screen TV for video games and movies, an oldies juke box (available in 45 RPM record or CD disk styles), an antique popcorn machine, carousel gumball machines (filled with gumballs, jellybeans, and nuts), and a claw or crane machine for keepsake treasures.

And don't forget wall decor; vintage advertisements, posters, pictures, neon and LED wall signs, and clocks. Add a slate or whiteboard for scoring purposes; creating just the right ambiance for the type game room you've always dreamed of!

When it comes to wall color - opt for bold and beautiful!  For instance, consider gold wall covering or paint accented with rich burgundy, purple, or black. For the ceiling, embossed hammered metal might be nice for a 1920s theme. Or what about a drop ceiling, painted to accent the room for a more conventional look? - Your All-in-one Reliable Online Resource

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