Eight Bathroom Accessories to Spice up your Decor

Bathroom accessories

Typically, it is difficult to get creative with your bathroom decor. Interior decorating in any kind of small space is a challenge, but it is especially tricky to inject your personality into your bathroom remodel. Once the walls have been painted and the floors tiled, however, you can use accessories to really keep things interesting. Don't forget to budget for the following items to fully complete your bathroom renovation:

Soap Dispenser or Dish

Regardless of whether you're redoing your master bathroom or a guest bathroom, you need to have soap by the sink. Yes, you can choose to simply set a purchased bottle of soap by the sink, but that doesn't have much style. Instead, look for a refillable dispenser that matched the mood of your bathroom. Look for an interesting color, pattern, or shape to the container. As an added bonus, you can buy your hand soap in bulk with a refillable dispenser, which is much better for the environment.

Toilet Tissue Holder

You need to have some kind of holder by your toilet for bathroom tissue, but you don't have to resort to a metal rod or spring-loaded bar, as is norm. Instead, look for a holder with style! You can, for example, have a wrought iron artist design a freestanding holder. They also sell quirky, interesting holders carved out of wood - I once saw a carving of a frog dressed as a butler holding the toilet tissue in a friend's home! Interesting pieces like that will really help you put your personality into the bathroom.


Because light isn't tangible, we often don't consider it, but in a bathroom, the lighting options make all of the difference. Personally, I love lighting on a dimmer switch so you can turn it on low for a nice relaxing soak in your tub. You can also play with retro lighting around the mirror for a Hollywood glam look or talk to your contractors about optimizing the natural lighting with some skylights if your bathroom is on the top story. In a small space, the light makes a huge impact.

Towel Rack and Shelving

Every bathroom needs two places for towels - a place to store dry towels and a place to hang wet towels. No matter what your budget, you can find towel options for your bathroom that give the overall decor a little flair. Surprise guests, for example, with a heated towel rack in your guest bathroom. If your shelving is out in the open, think about pretty towel options, like monogrammed towels. Enclosed cabinets can also be quite nice, as long as you have enough space. Even if you will just be using a closet, think about how you can spruce up the door to make is something special. For instance, you might paint the door panels a contrasting color to make it stand out.


Mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they are an essential part of the bathroom. Instead of a traditional square mirror over the sink, why not go for a shape. Mirrors look great in circles, ovals, and octagons, and even odd shapes like a diamond could work for your bathroom. Instead of a weird shape, you might instead choose a framed mirror with a really interesting frame. There are styles to match any decor!

Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are a way to make a bold statement in your bathroom. First, it is important to drop the notion that you're limited by the options in the store. You aren't! If you can't find a shower curtain you like, pick up an inexpensive curtain in a neutral color to act as a liner and then head to your local fabric store. You need a heavier fabric for it to work well as an outer shower curtain, but there will be dozens of choices, and paying someone to sew a hem and some buttonholes for your curtain loops is relatively inexpensive.


Don't forget a place for you family and guests to throw their waste. Without a place to throw out trash, you're risking them flushing it, which can cause major problems. No one wants a wastebasket out in the open, especially in a bathroom, but at the same time, you don't want to hide it under the sink or in a closer. Compromise - find a stylish wastebasket that has a lid of some sort. Options are available in all kinds of colors and shapes.

Laundry Basket

Having a laundry basket in your bathroom is a great way to keep your family's clothing off of the bedroom floor. However, you don't have to choose the plastic basket style! While that might be great for your laundry room, you can find something with much more personality for your bathroom. Keep in mind that any large container can serve as a laundry basket. For example, I have a friend who uses a large wicker basket that was originally meant to be a diaper pail. Its beautiful and no one is the wiser.

In addition to these eight items, there is one more item that your bathroom should include: the unexpected. To really make this room stand out with style, include something special, like a wall-mounted fountain or aromatherapy candles. The bottom line is that just because bathrooms are typically seen as utilitarian rooms in a house, doesn't mean that they have to be without style.

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