Kitchens and Bathrooms: Should I Use Granite?

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If you are remodeling the counters in your kitchens and bathrooms, you'll need to select the appropriate material for the counter tops. Granite is one of the best choices because of its toughness and finishing. Granite gives a more natural feel to a kitchen or bathroom and is also easily cleaned and maintained. In this article we consider the use of granite in your kitchen and bathroom so that you can decide whether this is something that you would like when you renovate your kitchen or bathroom.

The Benefits of Using Granite in the Renovation of your Kitchens and Bathrooms

Apart from its visual appeal in the kitchen or bathroom, granite also has many other benefits when renovating your kitchen or bathroom. In the kitchen it is resistant to heat and cold, and does not crack easily when hot dishes are placed on its surface. Granite is also relatively easily to keep clean and keeps its beautiful appearance for a long time. Granite also resists the growth of bacteria and so makes an ideal covering for kitchen counter-tops. The uniqueness of granite is another point in its favor for many homeowners and if you appreciate uniqueness in your kitchen or bathroom then this is one way to ensure it as each piece of granite will be different to the next.

How Granite Counter-Tops Are Produced Before They Reach Your Kitchens and Bathrooms

Granite is a naturally occurring stone that needs to be mined using special means, as the usual blasting techniques used in mining would destroy the granite. The granite is mined in huge slabs which are then sliced and polished, usually in Verona, Italy. Once they have been sliced and polished they will then be delivered to warehouses where they will be sliced further to make them suitable for preparing the counter-tops or other granite elements that get installed in your home.

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What is the Cost of Granite Counter-Tops?

The cost of granite counter tops depends upon a number of factors. It will obviously vary with the size and quantity you require, but there are many other factors involved, such as where the granite was mined, what color it is, whether there are veins present and how these influence the appearance, and also any flaws that may be present in the granite.

Cleaning Granite Counter-Tops

Once you have installed granite counter-tops in your kitchens and bathrooms, keeping them clean is a relatively easy procedure. You can use a simple cloth and water or the soap you use to wash dishes, but in general household cleaners should not be used on the granite surface. You should also consider using special granite cleaner and getting your granite re-sealed regularly.

Other Uses of Granite in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Apart from being a great option for counter-tops, granite can also be used in the tiling and flooring of kitchens and bathrooms. Although this may be a costly option, the beauty and durability is often something that many homeowners are willing to pay for.


When renovating and remodeling your kitchens and bathrooms you may want to consider using granite for counter-tops, tiling and flooring. Granite is a beautiful and durable stone that although initially expensive should last for a life time if properly cared for. The benefits of granite include the fact that it is temperature resistant, resists the growth of bacteria and is easy to keep clean. It is also a natural material and as such each piece is unique with its own combinations of coloring, veins and flaws.

Tip from TrustedPros: You must measure the sizes accurately, or you might end up with counter-tops that are a bit too small or too large for the available space.

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