Top Bathroom Trends

Bathroom trends

The role of the bathroom is changing. Because many homeowners want a room they can spend quality time in, an extended-stay mentality has begun to drive bath design efforts. We've compiled a selection of some of the most popular new bathroom trends to help make your new build or remodel a bit easier.

Maximum Mobility

shower bench

Homeowners with physical limitations can now bathe safely without the need for bulky and unattractive bathing aids. Minimalist shower chairs in combination of stainless and other materials provide secure seating, and then fold flat against the wall, making them convenient in even the smallest showers. Walk-in tubs make bathing safe and enjoyable again for people with limited mobility, and sometimes may offer features designed to help those with circulatory problems. Extra handholds in specific areas are an added plus if stability is an issue. These mobility aids now come in designer colors and finishes for added safety with attractive styling.

Water-Saving Solutions

It's easy being green with the new generation of water-saving bathroom fixtures. Commodes featuring dual-flush technology let you select the amount of water consumed per flush. Low-flow faucet aerators conserve water while maintaining your desired flow rate, while no-touch technology keeps things clean while avoiding accidental wastage. Smart showerheads allow users to control flow rates, pressure, and droplet size for a better shower experience with greater water saving.

Smart Showers

smart shower

Today's trendiest showers have it all. Enjoy a spa-like experience when you control everything from temperature to water pressure of while being buffeted by multiple heads. Some units offer even offer steam and chromatherapy displays. Built-in stereo speakers let you take your listen to your favorite tunes while you shower, while you exercise your power as master of all you survey with LCD touchscreen controls.

Tricked-Out Tubs

Tricked-Out Tub

Showers aren't the only thing in the bathroom to benefit from modern technology. More and more tubs are being tricked out as well. Some "heat things up" with built-in radiant heating for a warm and toasty tub experience. Of the cooler side are built-in sound systems that pump sound directly into the tub walls, eliminating the need for visible speakers.

Vintage Vanity

retro bathroom

Space-age decor not your thing? Why not go retro? Give bathrooms that everything old is new again from the ground up by lining floors with black and white subway tile. Pedestal or wall sinks in pure white porcelain generate a soft look you'll love to look at morning after morning. Choose a simple mirrored medicine cabinet or attractive framed mirror, and highlight everything with vintage light fixtures.

Techno Toilets

New toilet designs are not just great water savers; many come with features that will make your commode the envy of the community. Unsurprisingly, Japan is at the forefront of the techno-toilet trend, with nearly seventy percent of homes sporting a unit that can do everything from calculating blood sugar levels taking your weight. "Shower toilets" eliminate the need to use an entire tree's worth of toilet tissue every year by…well you can probably figure it out. A little closer to home, you can sit in the lap of luxury with such features like air purifiers, built-in bidets, stereo speakers, and self-cleaning functions.

Simply Radiant

Hate the feeling of cold tile under your feet while you attend to your morning ritual? Radiant heating installed beneath your flooring is the way to keep tootsies toasty. Thermostat-controlled heating mats can be installed under most types of flooring.

Seamless Showers

shower stall

Continue your flooring right on into the shower and eliminate the curb for a sleek and seamless look. Create a roomy feel by utilizing a large space surrounded by lots of glass, or even lose the stall all together and opt for an open shower. New drain developments allow you to forego the usual center drain for those located under the edges of the stall glass.

Tub-tastic Trends

In addition to having all the bells and whistles, tub styles are changing faster than ever before. From space-saving models to large, circular tubs perfect for extra-large baths, tubs come in an overwhelming number of shapes and sizes. New construction materials are becoming popular as well, with acrylic, plastic, steel and even cast-iron models making their way into bathrooms everywhere.

Gravity-Defying Vanities

Create a greater feeling of space and show off your taste in flooring by installing a floating vanity. Eliminating the legs and/or cabinet is an excellent way to open things up. It also makes cleaning chores a whole lot easier. If you want to spruce up a small bath but need additional storage, a floating vanity which incorporates a bit of cabinetry is an excellent choice.

May the Quartz be with you

Quartz is an increasingly popular material when it comes to creating attractive and durable bathroom vanities. Tougher than marble when it comes to avoiding dents and cracks, quartz requires little maintenance and comes in a variety of attractive colors and patterns.

Posted by: Ahmed Muztaba
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