Top Five Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Kitchen remodeling

You plant to invest a significant amount of money into your kitchen remodelling project and spend weeks shopping for materials and finding the ideal contractor. But remember to learn from others and avoid these top five common kitchen renovation mistakes.

Do Not Assume That Bigger Kitchen Equals Better Kitchen

Unless you find the existing space overly cramped and limiting, try to work with the area available. An experienced contractor uses proper design techniques and modern appliances to make the most of a small kitchen, reconfiguring the space for optimum efficiency. While more floor space, counter space and storage help to improve function in some situations, additions and expansions don't always make for a better kitchen.

Knocking down walls to expand your existing kitchen space drives the cost of home improvement higher, and may involve significant electrical and plumbing work. These additional expenses may not result in added value, when compared to a redesign of the current space. Consider appliance relocation and cabinetry reconfiguration before you leap into expanding the room or building an addition to accommodate for a larger kitchen.

Properly designed kitchens take function into account and create a workspace that coexists seamlessly with a spot for relaxation. Incorporate a dining room or family room in the area adjacent to your small kitchen to visually open the space and create more opportunity for efficient and clever designs.

Do Not Lean on the Modern Look of Appliances

Although stainless steel appliances remain a popular choice for homeowners and decorators, these kitchen elements shouldn't become the focal point. Not only is stainless steel somewhat difficult to keep clean, it also has a limited lifespan. Why design your entire kitchen space around an appliance that might need replacement in a relatively short time span?

Many professional kitchen designers include cabinetry covers for the refrigerator, oven and dishwasher face. This allows appliances to dissolve into the overall look and provides you with more freedom in terms of model and style purchased. Designers warn that an overload of stainless steel breaks up the visual flow, while cabinetry faces help to even out the appearance.

Use some stainless steel accents, such as pot racks, cabinetry hardware or small appliances, to help tie a modern kitchen together, and avoid making your appliances the focal point of the room. Focus instead on interesting architectural features, an attractive countertop or larger furniture pieces that create drama or ground the space.

Do Not Sell Your Cabinets Short

Cabinets represent a significant portion of your kitchen renovation budget. But homeowners need to understand that skimping on cabinets may result in a substandard remodelling project that misses the mark for both style and function.

Avoid opting for lower quality kitchen cabinets to save a few bucks. Instead, look for the best cabinetry style and materials you can afford and create the optimum layout. If your kitchen remodelling budget cannot cover the costs, you may be wise to wait or revisit the budget numbers. Lower quality cabinets may look good during the initial months, but in a few short years the shortfalls will appear. Poor construction, less than ideal finish and bad design become very obvious after a time of use.

Think about storage room in your cabinetry as well, and remember to design for more than you need. This provides space for seldom used items, decorative dishes and small appliances that have no place in the every area. Choose between shorter cabinet systems and those that reach to the ceiling, and consider the benefits of each style.

High cabinets provide much more storage space behind closed doors, while shorter cabinets create a usable space above the cabinets, perfect for displaying knick knacks and other decor items, as long as you're prepared to dust the area on a regular basis. Those who prefer open storage may lean toward shorter cabinets, while those who like a clean, contemporary look often opt for the ceiling-height cabinets.

Do Not Stuff Every Corner With Cabinets

Creating enough storage space remains your number one priority, but remember that the best kitchen remodeling designs leave empty space for balance and light. Avoid hanging cabinets on every wall. Instead, think about what areas of the room would be best suited for cabinets and leave the others bare, for artwork, windows, doors and simply to create balance.

Leaving space on the walls and floors also allows for a brighter room.

Natural light has a chance to bounce off the surfaces of your kitchen and more opportunities for window placement arise. Even if you choose a light-colored cabinet to create that open feeling, leaving space above the sink or flanking the patio doors with open walls gives you room to breath and provides for better traffic flow.

Fill dark corners with light and opt for cabinet designs that eliminate shadowed areas. Aim for balance across the entire space, taking your future storage needs and aesthetics into account.

Do Not Install Your Oven as a Standalone Appliance

Avoid kitchen layouts that leave the oven out on its own, with limited counterspace in the immediate area. This floating oven syndrome may seem better for installation or electrical purposes, but it creates an impractical, unattractive space. Cooks need room on the counter for prep and clean up. Leaving out that essential element creates a limited workspace and will leave you frustrated.

Consider the space opposite your oven as well. Kitchen islands and peninsulas provide an extra workspace within arm's reach of the oven or range, making food prep easier and safer. Ensure that adequate countertop space surrounds of your dishwasher and stove (range or oven) for optimal function.

Make the most of your home improvement expense by avoiding these top five kitchen remodeling mistakes. Try to work with the existing room size and choose a focal point beyond your stainless steel appliances. Optimize cabinet design without going overboard and remember to provide counterspace around your oven and dishwasher. These essential kitchen design elements will result in maximum value and the best kitchen remodeling project possible.

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