Why the Warmer Season is the Ideal Time for a Kitchen Remodeling Project

Kitchen remodelling

You have been dreaming of a new kitchen for years now. A brighter space, more cabinets and storage and a larger, better designed work area are all things that this renovation project will bring. And what better time is there to tackle a kitchen remodeling project than in the warm months of spring and summer? This time of year provides many benefits that are simply unavailable during the fall and winter.

An Opportunity for Outdoor Cooking

It helps to have a place to continue cooking your meals during a renovation project. Since moving the kitchen into a different room is often impractical, you need another option. The higher temperatures of April and beyond allow for an easy solution - just set up the kitchen on your patio.

All it takes is a decent sized barbecue and you can prepare all sorts of meals from grilled meats to fried or baked dinners and lunches. With a small side burner you can also boil water and steam food. A bar fridge built into the area can hold the essentials and a washing up sink can also be plumbed in for the ultimate outdoor kitchen. But a basic set up will do just fine for the short amount of time your own kitchen will be out of commission.

Be sure that you have the culinary items necessary for cooking on the grill, including easily cleaned dishes, a good quality BBQ brush and plenty of fuel. This is one of those times that those with natural gas barbecues have an advantage - they are not likely to run out of fuel.

Expand the Windows Worry Free

Warmer weather means that there is also less worry about leaving gaping holes in your walls. Adding new windows in the kitchen will help you to attain the brightness you are looking for. But this is not an altogether practical (or inexpensive) prospect in the depths of winter. In summer all that is needed is protection from the rain, as opposed to the heat and speed required when the walls are opened up in the wintertime.

Take advantage of the opportunity to have the windows you really want in your kitchen remodeling project by taking on the task in the spring or summer.

Better Air Quality

There are many areas in your kitchen that will be finished with paint, stain, adhesive and sealer. These products, while entirely necessary, can lower the air quality and create nasty and noxious odors in your home. Although the high humidity of summer is not much better for drying these products, you have the option to air out your home when the outdoor temperatures are higher. This is just not possible in the winter, unless you plan to use expensive exhaust machines.

Exhausting these chemicals and odors out of your home as quickly as possible will provide the healthiest environment for your family. Think about how to incorporate green products into your kitchen remodel as well, which will go a long way towards designing a healthy living space each and every day.

Starting your kitchen remodeling project is an exciting time no matter when it happens. But this project can be handled best during the warm months of spring and summer, when the conditions of renovation are less worrisome and the option to cook outdoors is available. Consider tackling your kitchen remodel this coming season and start living better in your own home.

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