Installing Different Types of Swimming Pools

Swimming pool

When it comes to installing swimming pools you need to consider what type of swimming pool you want. The above-ground pool is often the easiest swimming pool to install but is not as durable; the other types of swimming pools will be installed by professionals and include fiberglass pools, vinyl-lined, gunite or poured concrete pools.

Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Above-ground swimming pools are the easiest to install and may be done yourself with a prefabricated kit. They are also often the cheapest option in swimming pools, but they do not last as long and also do not have the same aesthetic appeal as other swimming pools. When installing an above-ground swimming pool you will begin by leveling off the land where you want the pool to go and then creating a perimeter track to support the pool wall. Sand will be laid in the leveled area and the plumbing fitted before the pool walls are constructed and vinyl liner placed over them. After the water has filled the pool the vinyl will then be smoothed and fastened in place.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools will be installed by professional swimming pool installers. They will bring a prefabricated pool basin to your home, dig the appropriate size hole for it and prepare the hole with sand, and plumbing. The pool basin will then be lowered into this hole. Fiberglass pools also often have a concrete deck structure around them.

Vinyl-Lined In-Ground Pools

Vinyl-lined in-ground pools are very similar to above-ground pools and the swimming pool installers will dig a hole and place sand at the bottom of it, then prepare metal, plastic or wood walls and cover them with vinyl. This option is cheaper than other in-ground pools but does not last as long, and the lining needs to be replaced about once every ten years.

Gunite Pools

Gunite swimming pools are a popular choice today and are installed by creating a framework of steel reinforcing rods known as rebar rods. This framework is built within a hole the correct size for the swimming pool and then the framework is sprayed with a heavy coating of gunite. The gunite surface is then smoothed and left for a week before a smooth finish, such as plaster, is added. These pools are more durable than other types of swimming pools and can be designed in various different styles and shapes.

Poured Concrete Swimming Pools

Poured concrete swimming pools are the hardest to install. The concrete needs to be poured into wooden frames by professional swimming pool installers. This method is no longer as popular due to the fact that gunite pools are now a lot easier to install.

What Pool Type Should You Choose?

When considering what type of swimming pool to install think about what is important to you. If you are looking for the cheapest option and are not too concerned about aesthetic appeal then an above-ground pool may be the best option; whereas if you are concerned about landscaping and the aesthetic appeal of a pool then you may consider going for a gunite pool.

When looking at installing swimming pools you should first consider the type of swimming pool that you want to install. Above-ground pools are the easiest to install but are not as durable or aesthetically pleasing. Poured concrete pools are the most difficult but a gunite pool provides the same benefits of durability and the ability to come in a variety of different styles and shapes. Each of these is installed in their own particular way and it is recommended that you get a professional to assist you with the installation of most of these pool types.

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