4 Tips for Your Sliding Glass Patio Door Installation Project

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If you are longing for a brighter, open-feeling space in the kitchen, look to the exterior walls. Adding a sliding glass patio door to your kitchen or living area is a wise idea. Improving the natural light in your space, providing gorgeous exterior views and even saving energy costs, these doors make for a great home improvement project.

This can be a reasonably priced project completed through your local window and door contractor. Or with a little help, this can be a great weekend DIY project, saving the cost of labor and allowing you to complete it on your own schedule. No matter which way you tackle this project there are a few important factors to help your patio door be as attractive an addition as possible.

1) Consider the Size

Whether you're replacing an existing sliding glass door or installing a new one, size is the most important feature. Taking in account the space available on the wall, traffic in the room and access from the outside, most people choose the largest door they can fit. Even with replacement doors, it's possible to cut a wider gap and install the large door you're dreaming of.

Check out three and four panel sliding glass patio doors or consider a French door with sidelights on either side to create an expansive and bright combination of doors and windows.

2) Consider the Style

There are a few different styles to choose from when it comes to glass patio doors. Besides the most popular sliding glass design, there are also folding glass doors.

French doors are another option to think about, but remember that this style will take up more room. Because they don't slide, but rather open into the room (or out onto the patio) you'll need to leave space for clearance. The beauty of a patio door is that there is no need for clearances to open it.

Look for a style that is rated well for energy efficiency to make sure your improvement will add value to the home and your day to day living.

3) Consider the Measurements

Sliding glass doors are ordered smaller than the actual measurements of your door frame. You'll need to find the narrowest width measurement (taken from where the existing door meets the wall) and the shortest height measurement (from the floor to the top of the door where it meets the wall). From these measurements you'll generally need to subtract 3/4” from the width and 1/2” from the height to get the inside dimensions needed for the new door.

The depth of the sill will make a difference and should be checked ahead of time. You may need to purchase trim and finish off the interior entrance way to the wall. Vinyl and composites are a great low maintenance idea.

4) Consider the Exterior of Your Home

You'll need to have a way to safely enter and exit via the new patio door. A landing and stairs will do the trick or you can construct a porch or deck right under the sill for a convenient entry point. Be sure that any surface outside your new patio door is sloped slightly away from the door, directing the water away from the house.

Enjoy the natural beauty and convenience of a sliding glass door installation. With newer models rated much better for energy costs it's no surprise more homes are ripping out older doors or simply install a new model. Brighter living spaces make for better homes.

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