Three Easy Ways to Save Money on a Windows Replacement Project

Window replacement

For better energy efficiency and to improve the look of your home installing new windows and doors just makes sense. But this project can carry a big initial price tag. Find out the best way to save money on a windows replacement project by sourcing out quality materials and hiring the right professional.

What Type of Windows Will Save You Money?

There's no doubt that upgrading your old windows to the latest in energy efficient design will save you money on your utility bills. But which ones are the best and how much money can you expect to save?

It depends on two things - where you live and what type of windows you currently have.

In the warmer regions of the country where heating is not as much of an issue, new windows will have less effect on your heating and cooling costs. They will have some effect however and are bound to add a level of insulation to your home that makes for a more comfortable atmosphere no matter the weather.

If your house has single-paned windows with vinyl, wood or aluminum frames an upgrade to double-paned windows with the Energy Star rating will be a major step. Figures from 2009 report that for an average home, this type of replacement would result in savings of more than $300 per year on heating and cooling costs.

If your house is equipped with clear, double-paned windows in aluminum, wood or vinyl frames, the cost savings achieved by upgrading to the Energy Star rated double-paned type would be less impressive. You can still expect to save between $65 and $80 per year though and those numbers will add up over time.

Rebates and Incentives

Another way to save money on new windows is by choosing products that are included in government rebate programs. If you have an energy audit conducted on your home and the results state the windows are a major source of heat loss you could be in line for a generous rebate. This has to be used to cover the cost of the windows replacement, but that means you pay less for the project and enjoy the full savings on your utility bill.

The Right Contractor

That's where the right windows and door contractor can really help. Feel free to investigate the products that are available and find out what you can about the rebate programs. This will protect you from replacement windows salespeople that may not have your best interests in mind. But the knowledge of an experienced windows and door contractor is invaluable.

They will help you to navigate through the selection of products, helping you choose the type that best suits your home and climate. A good contractor will also handle the government rebate program for you (or with you), potentially saving you thousands of dollars on this project. The most trusted contractors will install your windows properly, but they will also provide this top notch service that will put money back in your pocket today and every month afterward.

Replacing your windows and doors to a higher efficiency product is a smart idea. Do some research and find the best product for your home. Find out which products are covered under the government rebates and incentives and hire an experienced and trusted window contractor to help you complete this job well. You'll end up being more comfortable in your home and your wallet.

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