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How do I prepare for a countertop installation?

Start by choosing the best countertop for the room environment. Some materials are better for the kitchen or the bar, while other materials are better for the washroom. Be sure to choose a product within your budget. Next, call a contractor and set up an installation consultation. They will come to your home and measure the area before installing the countertop. The contractor may have to seal the countertop (depending on material) before it's ready to use.

How much does a countertop project cost?

The project price varies based on material, labour, and installation. Homeowners who order a customer countertop should also expect to pay more for the product and installation. Installation costs may be included in the cost of the product if the retailer provides installation. Some material prices per square foot include:

  • Marble: $100 - $250/ft2
  • Granite: $50 - $200+ /ft2
  • Quartz: $70 - $120/ft2
  • Butcher's block: $70 - $100/ft2
  • Stainless steel: $50 - $150/ft2
  • Poured concrete: $50 - $150/ft2
  • Laminate: up to $50/ft2
  • Tiles (porcelain, granite, glass): up to $100/ft2

Is this a DIY project?

A countertop installation seems easy, but it can be pretty complicated. We wouldn't recommend this project to any novice DIYer. It involves power tools and expert measurement. DIYers must feel comfortable cutting stone, granite, laminate, etc. to fit sinks and faucets.

DIYers should get some extra help with the heavy lifting. Do a dry install and measure twice before you set the countertop and all the hardware holes. Make sure to use ledgers for countertop support.

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