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If you're renovating a kitchen in an older home and are not sure about what is behind the floors, walls and ceilings; please consider stripping them away to the studs and subfloor, so that you can actually see what you have to work with before you renovate. What is the condition of the wiring, plumbing, and heating sources? What needs to be upgraded or replaced? And, how much will this part of the job cost?

Taking this type of renovation in sections, and costing out each phase, is your best option to know what you are facing from start to finish, in terms of the actual spending costs involved. This is one renovation that requires thinking, a well laid out design, and proper planning, so as to create a fully functional and spacious eating, living, and socializing aesthetic. Kitchens of today have become designed 'art forms', intended to over-sell and over-power its basic function- a safe family comfort-zone within the home.

Currently, there are probably well over a dozen TV renovation shows that within their episodes focus on high profile kitchen projects solely dedicated to giving you ideas, styles and current trends. Full of high tech appliances, and easy to use kitchen wonder gadgets. Each episode showcases the before-and-after of each kitchen renovation. Some of the budgets for these high-tech kitchens can stun the imagination as well as your budget. 

When considering a kitchen renovation you must know all the costs involved for all your appliances, cabinets, fixtures, and the other kitchen components. For example, on the low end, a standard stainless steel kitchen faucet can go for $79.00; or, over $1500.00; and that's without it being made of Gold or Silver! You pay extra for design, technology, and longevity; how long the product will last through years of every day usage. You can get some great ideas and practical solutions from HGTV; and, they've even put together a kitchen planning guide to make your choices as well as costs, a bit easier to bear.

Kitchen experts agree that a functional and well used family kitchen should last from 5 – 10 years. This means that you must consider using the highest grade of construction materials that your budget will allow. Cabinets and countertops get a lot of daily usage and wear and tear. Cabinets to last that long should not be made from MDF or particle board, as these are prone to damage from heating condensation and moisture that is constantly being produced in the average kitchen. Professional kitchen renovators know from experience that laminate countertops or laminate covered cabinets will also not stand the test of time.

Cabinets should be made from solid wood; the drawers should slide easily; and the hinges should be of a quality that will last heavy daily use. The cabinet doors should also close tight, and be in line with the other cabinet doors. Customized softwood/hardwood cabinets, accompanied with their high-quality accessories can cost upwards of ten thousand dollars; of course, depending on the size of your kitchen.

Countertops can range in materials and costs from a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand dollars for real polished stone, like granite or marble. Again, keep in mind that you are looking for real wood or real stone, instead of pressed wood or particle board as your countertop backing; or worse, made from particle board that has been laminated. These never last more than a few years; and are not suitable for ideal sanitization or hygiene conditions when washing, cutting and preparing your foods beside the sink. If the space allows for it, most modern kitchens install a roll-able or stationary cutting board island designed with the same material as the countertop, to function as the food preparation area.

Most contractors will recommend tiling for the kitchen floors and backsplash areas around the countertop. Natural stone or stone tiles are a more pricier option; as they can last much longer, and when professionally installed, look absolutely stunning. The size of the kitchen will usually dictate the size of the tiles. Larger kitchens suggest using larger sized tiles. As the kitchen is the most trafficked area of the home, designers and contractors alike advice selecting a durable and easy to maintain tile; also finished with a mold resistant grout.

The proper lighting for all areas of the kitchen helps to highlight these spaces while making eating and living within them more comfortable and soothing to the eye. Experiment with direct and indirect lighting; test out a variety of different kinds of lighting sources and designs; for example, these work in most kitchen; spot lighting, track lighting, recessed ceiling lighting, and your standard fluorescent lighting; which isn't to relaxing on the eyes! If possible, consider installing a skylight as a natural source of daylight.

Bringing your ideas, tastes and styles together in a warm and inviting kitchen that the entire family loves is a goal worth achieving. This requires the seasoned services of a professional contractor, with a meticulous attention to detail. Additionally, they most likely will depend on their own highly trained team of licensed specialists, to perform the various functions and phases of the kitchen renovation.

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