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4 Reasons Why You Should Care about Licensing, Permits, and Trade Qualifications

Homeowners are often encouraged to find contractors who are qualified, licensed, permit holders. But are homeowners aware of the problems that can arise when they hire a contractor who doesn't fit the bill? Three different examples in this article help illustrate clear problems with hiring uncertified experts'. Although it may be cheaper to hire contractors who aren't totally legitimate, the harm that they could cause might be exponential.

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Four Compulsory Contractor Requirements that Consumers Need to Know About

Consumers may be led to believe that a certified professional is an expert at the job. However, this isn't necessarily true. Instead, consumers ought to know that certified professionals are more legitimate and legal than anything else. Nevertheless, the four qualifying certifications and requirements that help legitimize contractors and projects in Canada are often overlooked, misunderstood, or forgotten. This article helps clear up some confusion. It identifies the importance and tension around trade qualifications, licensing, permits, and Workers' Compensation Insurance.

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Untangling Workers' Compensation Insurance Misunderstandings

Because Workers' Compensation Insurance (WCI) varies provincially, it's difficult to generalize homeowners' responsibilities when it comes to the contractors they hire. Since rules and regulations vary, some homeowners are unaware of the mandatory coverage obligations that businesses must provide for their workers. There are several misconceptions surrounding WCI policies for residential properties. This article debases common misconceptions within the industry by providing provincial standards in a comprehensive summary. Companies that do not follow these standards may be fraudulent businesses. As part of Fraud Prevention Month, we believe that homeowners should learn how to spot fraud businesses to save themselves from legal battles, additional expenses, and how to prevent the underground economy.

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Paying with Cash, and Dealing with Fraud Businesses

There are drawbacks when you choose to pay in cash. This article examines the drawbacks of cash deals in the contracting world. Some consumers have a hard and fast rule about strictly cash business: don't do it. Some consumers are happy to pay cash. Some consumers prefer to combine payment methods. This article discusses how to tell your contractor is running an illegal business. Inside are tips on how to identify legal and illegal cash deals via national legal business operating standards and tips from our trusted contractor community. Learn how to avoid fraud businesses and scams before you get on the bad side of one.

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20 Smart Home Technologies from the Consumer Electronics Show 2016

Homes can lose their luster quickly because styles and technology changes often. Luckily, we can keep our homes up to date by outfitting them with new items on the market. New technology can help improve your old furnace's energy efficiency, and help save you money. Smart fridges can gear down on energy consumption through an app on your smartphone. New fans look beautiful and operate with your presence in the room. The Consumer Electronic Show teaches us that home improvements can be done on a smaller budget using technology, and still have great results. Today we're talking about how technology can improve our homes in more ways than 'cool!'. Technology can add real benefit and aesthetic to our homes. Stay tuned for more!

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Final Considerations for Your Perfect Hardwood Flooring Fit

After finally deciding on hardwood as your desired flooring material, remember: there are still so many more decisions to make! TrustedPros is here to talk about more topics than value, and the best product. We're discussing colour, FSC certification, local options, reclaimed wood, hardwood alternatives, durability, finishes, forest exploitation, maintenance, dust build-up, and your family's living habits! Before making any final decisions for you upcoming hardwood flooring project, can our article for helpful tips.

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Radon Gas is Deadly and it May be Lurking in Your Home

The radioactive element uranium is turning up in our homes as radon gas. Seeping in through cracks in house structure that have contact with soil, radon accumulates in low-lying rooms. While radon is odorless, tasteless, and colourless, it remains the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canada, behind smoking. On average, it kills 3,000 Canadians a year. This article discusses how to control radon gas if it is accumulating in the home. Other topics include information about radon gas and its affects on our health. Protect your home and your family, don't be a victim of radon gas.

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The Benefits of Child-Proofing Extend Beyond your Little Ones

Welcoming a newborn or child into your home is an exciting and invigorating experience. So exciting, that it's easy to forget potential risks within your home that are safety hazards for children. TrustedPros is here to help you with child-proof ideas within the home. We cover windows, locks, water, lights, electrical hazards, and doors, among other things. We see an added advantaged to child-proofing; namely, energy savings, family safety, and even reducing toxicity.Learn about the specifics to making your home a safer environment inside!

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Renovation Plans
Things to Ensure and Expect During Your Home Improvement Project

Home improvements can be big projects, although home magazines and television shows don't always make them out to be. It's easy to forget the hard work and time that goes into remodeling a space in your home when you see a beautiful photograph of a contemporary kitchen. Before you jump into your next project with that finished, shining new kitchen in mind, mull over what expectations are appropriate and grounded, which are necessary, and which ones you may have to rethink when considering the project as a whole. In this article, you will find expectations that TrustedPros and other experts see as essential to having a smooth, fruitful renovation project completed in your home. Content discussed contains: choosing contractors, thinking about contracts, timelines, funds, strategy, construction cleanliness, and materials.

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The 'Empowered Homeowner'

The barriers that previously limited a homeowner's ability to access information, ideas, and find talent are no more! Mobile technologies such as Internet-based apps, software, and social networks have helped to educate the homeowner online and instill a new confidence and desire to not only be informed, but to also be more involved.

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