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High Risk
Pick Any Two

This phrase has been bantered around for decades and most people assign the origin of it to project management. So what are contractors talking about when we say 'pick any two?'

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Electrician Installing Wires
Determining 'Value' with your Electrical Contractor

Recently I was involved in a conversation with some fellow tradesmen (I was the only Electrical Contractor (EC)) on the topic of 'Value'. The topic was really about how to explain to a client about the value of work that is not seen — not 'lipstick and mascara'. So to help explain some of the differences in the electrical area I will offer up the following.

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Home improvements
Top 10 Home Improvements in Canada 2014 - Province-by-Province

The end of a year is always a time for reflection. We thought therefore, that now is as good a time as any to explore what Canadian homeowners have been doing with their home improvement budgets. The results of our study were pretty revealing actually, although it's transparent that window weren't a big thing.

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Games Room
Should I Add a Game Room to the Basement?

Before making your final decision about adding a game room, you should first ask yourself a few questions. Top on the list is where will you put this room? What type of games will you put in it, and what are your storage options? Once you have answered these questions, it's now time to start planning your game room.

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Electric Shock
How to Spot an Unlicensed Electrician

We're all capable of spotting things. Sometimes we do it by nature, and other times we're trained. When it comes to electricians, there's a certain type to spot, and they are called the unlicensed.

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Injured Worker
Do It Yourself Projects You Shouldn't Do Yourself

We Canadians pride ourselves on independence. We're not afraid of tackling home improvement projects, and it shows when you listen to commercials from The Home Depot and Lowes Home Improvement. We're all about doing! But how can you tell if a home improvement project is a do-it-yourselfer? Are there some projects that are automatic DIY no-no's?

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Couple Renovating
Should You Renovate Before Selling Your Home?

Let's play a friendly game of truth or dare. The question we're about to entertain focuses on whether to renovate before selling your home. If you picked truth, then you're probably debating on this very subject. If you play by dares, then you might have already been in this situation. Regardless, there's some pertinent information to contemplate.

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Autumn Lawn
Bedding Your Lawn for Winter

Old Man Winter is bound to be knocking soon. Have you bedded your lawn for winter? Believe it or not, some simple maintenance can make your lawn easier to revive come spring. Proper pre-winter action can actually ensure a lush, healthy, amazing lawn when warm weather hits!

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Basement Finishing
Ideas for Revamping the Basement

Traditionally, the basement has been in the same category as the attic: storage space. The upper and lower reaches of the house always seem to be the collection areas where holiday decorations, unused possessions, and oddball stuff end up. At least, that's how it used to be. These days, the basement is taking on an entirely new role-one that I believe you'll welcome.

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Broken Lightbulb
Buzzing Into the Holidays

As you pull out the seasonal decorations, pay extra close attention to the ones that plug in. Ensure the wiring isn't exposed or fraying, and be sure the plug-in point is secure. A loose plug-in can turn dangerous should the prongs become exposed to the outdoor (or indoor) environment.

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