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DIY Kitchen
DIY Kitchen Renovations

Any type of renovation project is going to cost a pretty penny. In particular, a kitchen remodeling can costs thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars if you are looking to get the newest and best. Still, if you have the time and the energy to invest, you can cut the cost of this type of project immensely and actually do the renovations yourself.

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Exercise Room
DIY Basement Renovations: Laundry Room and Exercise Room

For the truly adventuresome do-it-yourselfer, there is nothing more exciting than having an unfinished basement. The possibilities for a basement are virtually limitless. Maybe you want to transform it into an expanded pantry, a laundry room, an exercise studio or even a man cave. With an unfinished basement, the options are really limited only by your imagination. With that in mind, here are three ideas that you could run with and make that basement into a real exciting room.

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Innovative Packing Ideas to Make Your Move Simple

Congratulations! You navigated through the home buying process. Finding a good realtor was tough, knowing exactly what you were looking for was tough, and actually finding homes that fit in your price range was even tougher. After going through offers and counteroffers, you were able to close on the house. Now, how are you going to get everything moved?

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DIY Painting
Fact and Fiction: DIY Projects You Can Really Do Yourself

There are many misconceptions floating around about DIY (do it yourself) projects. Most of the time, these types of projects take much less money than hiring a professional, but in some cases, they simply are not worth your time. Here are some interesting facts and fictions commonly associated with these types of projects.

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electrical panel update
Thinking of upgrading your electrical panel or service? Some things you should know.

Just like many other electrical contractors (ECs), I get numerous calls for estimates to upgrade a client's electrical panel or service. For many ECs this is the mainstay of their business and are very good at doing them quickly and with excellent quality. However, don't be fooled just because they have done many of these upgrades. Just like any other type of work, do your due diligence, ask the right questions and do your homework.

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Fact or Fiction
Fact and Fiction: Energy Conservation

In today's world, energy conservation has become a concern of the masses, the reality of wasted resources and the impact man can have on the earth becoming unavoidably obvious.The question is: which stories about energy conservation are fact, and which are fiction?

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Family together in living room
Nifty Ideas for Your Family Room

Family rooms are diverse areas. Often the center of your home and the place most frequented by all family members and guests, family rooms are important to keep up. You do a lot in your family room! They are used for relaxing, watching television, playing games, reading, eating, and entertaining. And just as diverse as the rooms are themselves are the options you have to work with! Take a look at these ideas and reminders when decorating.

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Fine for Fake Reviews
Heavy Fines for Fraudulent Reviews

No matter how you snip or slice it, fraudulent online reviews not only result in wasted time and money, but may leave those affected with psychological scars that make routine buying or hiring a burden. The financial and emotional effect may be felt most deeply by homeowners who have fallen prey to contractors who publish deceptive online reviews.

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Electrical Wires
It's All Greek To Me!

I was recently at a client's home and while discussing how to solve a particular electrical problem they were having, I came across a bundle of wires. I originally thought that they were computer network cables and then I took a few minutes to look at the markings on the cables and explain what they meant and what they might be for. As you can imagine the response was, 'it's all Greek to me'.

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Woman Relaxing Reading a Book
Worried Woes Can Be Wallowed Away with a Woman Cave

As every woman knows life can be stressful without downtime. You've got enough on your plate with kids, work, and keeping up on the house. Don't brush 'me' time under the carpet. You've worked hard, now it's time to play hard. We've all heard of 'mancaves', places where men can run to unwind and have fun in times of strife. Women need a place to put their feet up as well.

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