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Couple Renovating
Should You Renovate Before Selling Your Home?

Let's play a friendly game of truth or dare. The question we're about to entertain focuses on whether to renovate before selling your home. If you picked truth, then you're probably debating on this very subject. If you play by dares, then you might have already been in this situation. Regardless, there's some pertinent information to contemplate.

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Autumn Lawn
Bedding Your Lawn for Winter

Old Man Winter is bound to be knocking soon. Have you bedded your lawn for winter? Believe it or not, some simple maintenance can make your lawn easier to revive come spring. Proper pre-winter action can actually ensure a lush, healthy, amazing lawn when warm weather hits!

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Basement Finishing
Ideas for Revamping the Basement

Traditionally, the basement has been in the same category as the attic: storage space. The upper and lower reaches of the house always seem to be the collection areas where holiday decorations, unused possessions, and oddball stuff end up. At least, that's how it used to be. These days, the basement is taking on an entirely new role-one that I believe you'll welcome.

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Broken Lightbulb
Buzzing Into the Holidays

As you pull out the seasonal decorations, pay extra close attention to the ones that plug in. Ensure the wiring isn't exposed or fraying, and be sure the plug-in point is secure. A loose plug-in can turn dangerous should the prongs become exposed to the outdoor (or indoor) environment.

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Cold Winter Snow
Going Green for Winter

It's October, which means we're stepping into the welcoming cool weather of autumn with winter in view. As you brainstorm your Halloween costume and prep for those seasonal trick or treat parties, the last thing on your mind is heating your home. But with winter on the horizon, those of us living in colder areas should be ensuring we're ready to brave whatever temperatures and flurries Mother Nature has to throw at us.

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Paint and wallpaper
The War of the Walls

Walls, they're everywhere. We walk and drive past them. We live in between them. We hang pictures and sentimental trinkets on them, and we dress them up with seasonal lights and decorations. The appearance of your walls says a lot about you. In fact, one of the first things new homeowners often do is rip off wallpaper, slather on paint.

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Electrician installing electrical outlet
Using Your Crystal Ball - Future Proofing Your Build or Renovation

There is nothing stopping you and your Electrical Contractor from adding more to the requirements of the code to meet your future needs. While there is a cost to do this, the cost of doing it during the renovation or build is far less than doing it several years down the road where it is possible that you will end up removing some of your new renovation work to facilitate the new requirement.

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Handyman vs Licensed Contractor - Knowing Which You Need

Though their abilities may sometimes overlap, the difference between a handyman and a licensed contractor is a big one and it's important for everyone to know. If you hire the wrong professional, you could end up paying more than is necessary, or even worse you could put your project and safety at risk. The key difference between a handyman and a licensed contractor is that there are so many differences and we've got them listed in this article.

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Metal Roof vs Asphalt Roof
Asphalt vs Metal Roofing

Arguably the most important surface in your entire home, a roof endures the most direct weather exposure and plays the biggest role in protecting you and your family from the elements. Roofs block rain, wind, hail and snow. They also catch most of the sunlight and help to provide insulation to keep the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. With such an important role in the functioning of your home, it is essential that you have a roof that not only looks good, but one that also performs well under stress.

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Contractor replacing a window
Selecting the Right Contractor to Replace Your Windows or Doors

Hiring a contractor for any project can sometimes seem like a difficult task. There are an abundance of options out there, and oftentimes it becomes impossible to tell who will do the best job. When looking at any professional, it is important to consider a few key variables. Ultimately though, a door or window that needs replacing can be costing you more than you realize in energy costs, so it needs to be addressed quickly. With that in mind, here are some ideas to help make the selection easier.

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