Kitchen Cabinet Styles and Other Kitchen Trends

Kitchen cabinets

One of the biggest decisions a homeowner will have to make for any interior renovation is the style of cabinets. This is because, unlike countertops or flooring, both of which have one plane of existence, cabinets are the first item a person sees when entering the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets service purposes: the first is storage, and the second is style definition. Having a convenient place to store and retrieve food items and utensils is very important to the function of a kitchen. Poorly-designed cabinets that have not been placed properly can degrade the food preparation into a dreary chore as the cook searches for ingredients and condiments. However, even the functionally-fit kitchen can be a strain on the food preparer if the cabinets are not to his or her liking. The one change that has happened during the past year is the demotion of the European minimalist style which saw banks of identical cabinets adorned with shiny hardware. This clean, glowing look, although easy to clean and functional, smacks of boredom to those who want a feeling of fun in the kitchen


One cabinet trend that has been steadily increasing in popularity is bringing the livingroom and bedroom-look into the kitchen. In other words the cupboard design is coming out Queen Anne and late Victorian to create a warm but dignified look. Carved posts and doors with a bric-a-brac format turn any kitchen into that of a stately mansion. In addition, modern kitchen cabinets do not have to be all the same color and style. For example, the front wall cupboards and base units could be a dark walnut and the two ends units could be a washed birch. In addition, the island could be an old butcher-block design with straight legs and a laminated-birch chopping surface. While oak is not popular anymore alder, maple and exotic woods like mahogany are making inroads as great woods for a furniture look. Although the extremely high-end pieces are custom-made there are add-ons doors, posts, moldings, etc. - which, when added to normal cupboards give the appearance of finely-crafted furniture.

Tuscany and Rural European

The great thing about the old European kitchens is that both the food and utensils did not have to be stuffed away out of sight. Rings of garlic and drying herbs and peppers hung above the sink with the pots and pans giving the kitchen an aromatic smell. Some new cabinets reflect these old cupboard styles complete with cracked, yellowing paint and contrasting green or red coloring. This does not have to make up the whole new kitchen but it can be used to break up the monotony. Many people find used kitchen cabinets or old furniture with ornate legs and put new counters on them. They can even be cheap kitchen cabinets with added embellishments. This also fits in well with a stone sink or vessel, matching countertop and a travertine or marble flooring.

Kitchen Islands

A marvel of space saving that came into vogue in the early 1970's the island has proved indispensable to the modern kitchen. Most islands are made by combining the base cabinets and installing a veneer backing on the exposed side. So there are cupboards for small appliance storage like food processors, blenders, etc. Most people like to show off their cappuccino makers so you will most likely find this on the kitchen counter. Other duties for the island include the cooktop, extra sink, butcher block, wine rack with attached cooler and breakfast table.

Kitchen Storage

Probably one of the biggest changes in kitchen design in the part few years as been the storage and retrieval of both food and utensils. Kitchen cabinets can now be fitted with some technological marvels for getting in and out of the cupboards. It used to be that the Lazy Susan was a marvel of storage convenience because this allowed items in the back to be retrieved by turning a round table and bringing the items to the front. Now, stackable versions allow even storage areas, like pantries, as high as 6 feet to be accessed in a similar way. In addition the roll-out conveniences also bring the back-to-front by attaching the cabinet door to a cart which slides out laterally. In addition wasted space too far in the back for even a Lazy Susan is not wasted by utilizing a blind corner system which can retract ion itself before being slid back into the back area.

Kitchen Lighting

Another great addition to kitchen cabinets is the addition of under-the-cabinet lighting. Available in puck strings, named for their shape, fluorescent or LED strings these compact lighting aids direct illumination right to the countertop for working ease. These light sets are available in 120 volt or 12 volt DC units which operate from a transformer which also provide lighting for inside the cabinets. LED lights can be bought in strips that can be daisy-chained together to span greater distances. For over the island nothing works better than track lighting or adjustable multi-light units. To get more from your kitchen contact a kitchen contractor to show you the possibilities.

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