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Kitchen cabinetry or built-in kitchen cupboards are a vital part of any kitchen for creating the necessary storage space, but storage is not the only consideration. How you design your kitchen is really a matter of personal taste but often trends do occur for various reasons. What trends can be found in the kitchen cabinetry and built-in field today?

Kitchen Cabinetry Is Becoming More Formal

One trend that seems to be appearing is that kitchen cabinetry and kitchens in general are becoming more formal. Part of this is also an increased interest in the darker woods that people consider to be more formal.

Kitchens are Becoming More Open-Plan

One of the reasons that kitchen cabinetry may be more formal is due to the desire for a more open-plan kitchen being combined with a family room or dining room. People want more spacious areas and one way to do this is to combine the kitchen with other rooms. Free standing kitchen cabinets that co-ordinate with other items of furniture are therefore also becoming more popular.

There is a Greater Variety and Contrast within Kitchens

In larger, more complex kitchens there is also tending to be a greater variety of styles, colors and finishes. Different areas are being created with different looks and for different activities. Instead of having uniform kitchen cabinetry throughout the kitchen, there is now more of a variety.

Natural Kitchen Cabinetry Styles and Colors Are Becoming More Popular

There is also an increased interest in more natural looking kitchen cabinets with darker woods being used, there is no longer as much staining or painting and the wood itself is allowed to show through more often and simply given a clear coat.

Stacked Cabinets

In order to make more use of vertical space there is also now an increased tendency to see stacked cabinets where a smaller cabinet will be stacked on top of a larger cabinet. This helps to make maximum use of all the space available.

Some Favorite Styles of Kitchen Cabinetry

Traditional is often still considered the most popular style of kitchen cabinetry but there are also a number of other popular styles such as country, southwestern, Victorian, and Modern. The traditional kitchen cabinets are generally in oak with dark tones. The country look is more rustic with weathered earth tones. Southwestern is characterized by desert-tan and warm orange colors with a touch of blue or green. Kitchen cabinets in the Victorian kitchen are in dark woods and the modern kitchen changes.

Furniture Style Cabinetry

As kitchens are being combined with other living areas, there is an increased tendency to go for furniture style kitchen cabinetry which may include features such as legs or mouldings. The kitchen cabinets also need to be able to compliment or blend with the furniture that is in the living section.

Display Cabinets

Cabinets do not only need to be storage areas but can also act as displays or an artistic feature in the kitchen. This is especially useful as the kitchen gets incorporated into a larger area. More people today are choosing to install glass or art glass cabinet doors in some kitchen cabinets to display some precious items. Although the design of your kitchen cabinetry is largely a matter of personal choice there are still trends that come to the fore. For example one trend that one is noticing in many homes is that the kitchen is now becoming part of a larger living space and this has influenced many other aspects of kitchen design and the design and use of kitchen cabinets.

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