Avoiding Carpeting Nightmares

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Getting new carpet and then keeping it looking new can be a chore. We've complied some useful tips to help the installation process go smoothly, and to help you maintain that new-car look well into the future.

Move the furniture

Carpet installers are paid to install carpeting, not relocate your furniture, so be considerate and have it well out of the way before they arrive. This can also help to prevent unintentional scratches caused by tools in a too-cramped workspace.

What lies beneath?

Since old carpeting must be removed before your new floor covering is installed, use this "naked" time to inspect the subflooring for damage. If you discover any defects, have them corrected before carpet installers begin working. Failure to do so may make it difficult or impossible to get the even look you want, and the problem may become worse over time. You should also take the opportunity to give the bare area a thorough cleaning.

Out of the woodwork

Damage to woodwork may not be covered under your installation agreement, so it's best to protect it before removal or installation work begins. In some cases, the best way to keep baseboards and molding intact may be to remove them until after the new carpet has been installed. Everything can be easily put back into place and touched up after work is complete.

Wrinkles and ripples

These unsightly cosmetic concerns may be the result of incorrect stretching, a failed cushion, or temperature extremes. If you find that the surface of your carpet has begun to resemble an elephant's knees, contact a professional installer.  They should be able to correct the problem by replacing any faulty padding and properly reinstalling the carpet using a power stretcher.

Delete door drama

New carpeting can become a nightmare if getting it means that your doors no longer close properly. Plan ahead in case door adjustment is needed, because it is probably not included in your installation agreement.

Avoid the runs

When you have to move the furniture, avoid sliding it across the carpeting. Furniture legs that snag the carpet surface can cause it to ravel and run. Instead, lift (or get help lifting) it to its new location, or use furniture sliders to protect the carpet surface. Keeping pet's nails trimmed can also reduce the occurrence of snags. If you find a loop coming up from the carpet now and then, use a sharp pair of scissors to trim it off even with the rest of the carpet. Never pull on a loop that has reared its ugly head. Doing so could cause a run that may eventually travel the entire length of the floor.

Clean up your act

One of the best ways to keep carpet looking its best is to clean it frequently. Vacuum regularly, and have a professional cleaner use their magic on your floors from time to time. Regular cleaning helps to prevent dirt from filtering down into the carpet surface, as well as avoid problems arising from an abundance of pet dander or other allergens.

Fight depression

Carpet piling can crush or become packed down due to constant traffic. Frequent vacuuming can help to keep carpet pile "fluffy" these areas. Prevent permanent depressions from forming under furniture legs by placing furniture glides or cups beneath them. Moving furniture slightly now and then will help to keep the weight from being concentrated in one spot all the time. Need a cure for carpet depression cure? Use your fingertips to prod carpet fibers back into place. Follow up by dampening the area, and then using a hair dryer and your fingertips to further work out the flat spot.

Spot check

Even stain-resistant carpet can stain if spots are left untreated, so be sure to clear up spills ASAP. If you are unsure about the safest and most effective way to clean your particular type of carpeting, check your warranty. Most come with a phone number or website that you can access to learn more information about proper care. Be careful what you use to clean your carpet. Some household products may result in spotting, fading, or other discolorations.

Here comes the sun

Continued exposure to direct sunlight can fade carpeting, just as it does other fabrics. Keep drapes or curtains closed during the brightest part of the day to keep carpet brighter longer.

Traffic control

Some areas of your carpet naturally receive more traffic than others, so it's a good idea to protect them from excess wear by using areas rugs. Reverse these small rugs frequently, and be sure to clean them when you care for the rest of the carpeting. Area rugs can make a big difference when it comes to slowing down the effects of wear and tear on high traffic areas.

Disposal despair

Be sure that your installation agreement includes disposal of your old carpeting, or you could be stuck with the dusty, old rolls until bulk trash day comes around or you have a chance to haul it to the landfill.

Houston, we have a problem...

Give your carpet a check before installers depart, to make sure things are done to your satisfaction. If you discover any problems later on, be sure to contact the carpeting installation company so they can be corrected as soon as possible.

Posted by: Ahmed Muztaba
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