Top 8 Considerations When Hiring a Swimming Pool Contractor

Swimming pool

One of the very best ways to exercise and a source of constant family fun, a backyard swimming pool is a great investment. But since it's also a sizable investment you need to spend a good amount of time deciding who the right contractor is. Check out these top eight considerations when hiring a swimming pool contractor and choose the best company for the job.

Number 1 - Get Referrals

Always important in home renovations, referrals are vital when installing swimming pools. You want to know which company did the stellar job for your neighbor and which one left a mess in a friend's yard. If you aren't getting referrals, ask for them.

Number 2 - Expertise Is Essential

A lot of general contractors and even unemployed handymen and women could install your swimming pool. But for a well put together backyard that includes all of the safety features needed and a durable design, only a professional swimming pool contractor will do.

Number 3 - All or Nothing

Decide whether you want the swimming pool contractor to look after everything for you, including landscaping, fencing and patios. Remember that you will pay for their time to manage these subcontractors, so if you can hire these projects out yourself it may be cheaper.

Number 4 - Which Style Do You Want?

Make your choice between an above-ground swimming pool and an in-ground pool, because that choice will affect which contractors you get in touch with. Inground pools are much more complicated projects that take heavy equipment and extensive landscaping to complete. Above ground pools are more straightforward, meaning the job may be more open to those with less experience.

Number 5 - Brand Power

It can also be a good idea to narrow down the pool manufacturers before looking for a contractor. Will you opt for a kit or have the contractor build the pool from scratch? The latter option requires a highly experienced crew that will work closely with you, while the former is more likely a company that specializes in getting the job done properly in a timely manner.

Number 6 - Going Green

You can be more environmentally friendly with your swimming pool choices as well. Salt-based water systems are replacing chlorine-based ones and a quality solar blanket can provide you with warm water without the need for expensive pool heaters. If these factors are important to you, search for a contractor that will aim for a green project.

Number 7 - Financing Needs

You may or may not require financing for this project, but if you do it may make a difference as to which contractor you choose. Smaller firms might not have financing options and the rate difference between companies could be substantial. Shop the financing cost to get the most value from this project.

Number 8 - Industry Connections

Look for a company that has established connections within the community, as well as the pool industry itself. Do they have the ability to stay up to date with emerging trends in the backyard pool market? Are they involved in community initiatives and seem committed to your town or city on a deeper level? Swimming pools are a lifelong addition to your home and hiring a well established contractor for installation is important.

Installing a pool is an exciting project. Choose the best contractor for swimming pool installation by starting with referrals. Move on to what they offer versus what you want, the financing options available and whether or not the company has environmental policies. Finding a firm that has a solid network is also a good idea. With the very best contractor you can be assured that your swimming pool project will be done right.

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