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10 new and innovative home design materials
10 New and Innovative Home Building and Design Materials

Home building and design products aren't just about aesthetics anymore. Scientists and designers work tirelessly to integrate sustainability, innovation, and allure into their products. Today's trends show us that building materials must be multi-purpose and eco-friendly. Contemporary values have influenced so many building and design spheres. We've created a list of some of the most exciting additions to the home improvement industry from new builds, to paint, to insulation. Find out more about the recent additions to the market that emphasize anything from marble replicas to energy generating technology.

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execute a reno
How to Avoid Renovation Aggravation: 10 Easy Steps for Contractors and Homeowners

Home renovations are complicated projects with a lot of moving parts. It's easy to run into communication issues, especially when the majority of the renovation is conducted through verbal agreements after the contract is signed. Verbal agreements seem like a casual way to approach a home renovation, but they put homeowners and contractors at serious risk for major complications and expenses. In this article, we show you how to avoid leaving your home renovation up to verbal agreements. We have 10 different ways to help you document a home renovation project.

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[Infographic] 28 Stats that you need to know about Home Renovations

TrustedPros mined and analyzed our data from 2016 to deliver 30 statistics on renovation trends from last year. Over 2 million users' search behaviour and project inquiries have informed us about nation-wide trends on home improvements, contractor expectations, and budget numbers.

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Trendy backsplash
Tiling for Dummies

Where do tiles work best? Are tiles for indoor or outdoor environments? How much does a tiling project cost? All your tiling project questions answered here.

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Top 10 Home Renovations in Canada for 2016

We pooled one years' worth of data from over 2 million users to tell you which home improvement projects ranked on top for 2016. Find out the top ten home improvement projects nation-wide and for each province. We've included information on how much money Canadians were willing to spend on each project as well.

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The Best Holiday Home Improvement Gifts for 2016

Gift cards can be great for anyone who is looking to renovate their home. However, they can be a bit impersonal, and they are usually limited to big-box stores. Get your loved one something to improve their home from a small retailer or artist this holiday season. Find unique and creative options to give your friends and family's homes a facelift in our 2016 holiday gift list.

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7 Unique Home Decor Gifts for 2016

If you're tired of the same gift lists from year to year then look no further. We've scoured design catalogs and artisan craft hubs to bring you a fantastic and original gift list for 2016. This list is geared towards those who love home d cor items (especially Canadian-inspired items!). We've hit every price point to make gift-giving easy this holiday season.

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6 Things you didn't know about paying your contractor in cash: Contractors spill and tell us why paying for home improvements under the table is all wrong

The contracting industry is widely funded by under-the-table transactions. Homeowners who submit to 'cash only' transaction agreements may think that they are getting a deal. However, the reality is that under-the-table transactions do more harm that good--for homeowners and contractors alike. Cash only deals bring on a slew of problems for both parties including scams, economic insecurity, audits, and warranty complications, among other things. Contactors across the country agree that cash transactions completed to forgo taxes can only be prevented by homeowners.

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Yard Deck
Building a wooden deck in the garden 101: design options, extensions, and craftsmanship

You may have your dream deck envisioned, but do you know if you can trust that a contractor will execute it properly? TrustedPros has got your back. We've asked the experts and have come up with 5 tips to help you identify deck-building quality craftsmanship. And in case you haven't seen every deck design option out there yet, we've got a few more ideas to help you plan the best outdoor oasis yet! Learn about deck quality, outdoor structures, and deck designs inside!

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look out!
Fraud contractors are one step ahead of you - and this is how to outsmart them.

It's always a shock to hear about vulnerable homeowners who get scammed by contractors they thought they could trust. The truth of the matter is that these stories tend to follow the same patterns time and time again. TrustedPros is back with more advice for homeowners to avoid getting scammed. We cover common vulnerable targets such as high-demand markets, senior citizens, poor payment plans, and industry awareness.

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