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One of the most popular uses of an indoor garage is as a home gym. Living in Canada, we know how important it is to stay fit and many homeowners use this as an excuse to convert their garage into a full-scale gym complete with weight racks, fitness machines, and small closets for outdoor sports gear such as tennis rackets or golf clubs. Spruce up the place with some motivational posters as well as a stereo system to play your best tunes to work out to.

Garage as a Second Living Room

Converting a garage into a den area is a fairly simple procedure which hiring a contractor can make easier. By simply turning the door into a permanent wall, you have an instant room which can be used for any number of purposes such as home theater area or a man cave. Certain considerations must be taken, however, such as what kind of insulation and material you should use for the wall as well as whether or not converting a garage into a second large room will impact the value of your home negatively.

Garage as a Work Zone

Another popular use for a garage is as a work station. Many families have at least one member who is handy and requires a place outside of the house proper where they can work without a great risk of disturbing the rest of the family. The scale of the work station depends almost entirely on the type of work your handy or craftsperson does as well as how many tools they use. Some do not require much space at all; others will need the full area, especially if they work on large projects such as furniture building or mechanical work.

Optimizing Your Storage Space

However, if it turns out that you really do need the garage as a storage area—and there is no shame in, for that is the biggest use of a garage—there are some things you need to consider. Most standard garages do not have a great deal of actual storage capacity beyond basic floor space. But by using just this floor space, the garage is liable to become cluttered over time until it becomes so unnavigable that you are forced to clean it out, which could require hours of work. Many options are available to you in the form of shelves, wall racks, and storage closets which bringing in a designer can help you discover. Just like a large closet, the best way to increase your home's value is to optimize the storage capabilities of your garage so that you have lots of space to work as well as walk.

For many people, a garage is simply a large storage area meant to keep things either too large or too unstylish for the house. However, we believe that garages can be meant for a lot more than just storage. There are actually a number of applications you can use your garage for if you find that the interior storage of your home is already more than sufficient for your current and anticipated needs.

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