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Siding Design and Materials

When it comes to the exterior design of a house, nothing is more paramount than siding. Siding gives your home personality through both the color and material you have used. Indeed, if you are building a new home or renovating your current one, you will want to know what siding to use. Most qualified contractors will be familiar with how to mount them. This means that you only need to know the benefits and disadvantages of different types of siding so you can make the best decision.


The most popular form of siding is vinyl. Light in weight, light on your wallet, and easy to maintain, it is obvious why so many homeowners turn to it. Though it does have a terrible reputation for looking like plastic, it is available in many colors and is also easily painted over, so you can customize it to exactly what you want.


Wood siding is another hugely popular material. Just like vinyl, it is lightweight, durable, and quite versatile. Paint will also stick to it much easier. The disadvantage: It is a bit more costly over an extended period of time as prolonged moisture will encourage rot. It is also necessary to regularly check for termites. It is for these reasons that wood siding does not last very long if left alone.


Bricks have been popular for many years, and for good reason. They are durable and timeless, requiring almost zero maintenance after initial installation. Though brick is more expensive than wood or vinyl, it is almost guaranteed to increase your home's value if a qualified stonemason installs it properly.


Fiber-cement siding is something you need to be careful with. While it carries the look of masonry or even stucco without nearly as much initial cost, it is not as durable. Painting will also be necessary to protect it from the elements. But the biggest cause for concern is the use of asbestos in many buildings featuring fiber-cement siding. If you are looking at a home built before the 80s, be very careful.


Stucco is possibly the most prestigious of the siding materials. Built from a special mixture of sand, Portland cement, and water, stucco is an interesting material which is sure to maintain a lot of curb appeal. Although it is the most expensive, stucco is sure to catch the neighbor's eye in one form or another (some homeowner's complain that stucco is far too weird for their tastes).


Stone-veneer siding is the siding of choice for homeowner's who want to maintain a natural feel to their home without resorting to medieval methods of building. Lightweight and durable, stone-veneer is a surefire way of keeping your home classy and unique. However, it is more expensive than brick and still requires a qualified stonemason to install.

Decide for yourself which material suits you best and let your contractor know what your desires are. After all, great care makes for a great home.

Ever classic, exterior siding is a great way to spruce up your home, adding color and visual appeal that will have you humming a happy tune in no time. Although renowned for its immediate cosmetic appeal, new siding provides insulation from cold and heat, increases the retail market value of your home, and extols other virtues, as well. Vinyl siding is attractive, available in a host of colors, and is among the most favored of exterior house finishes. It is also low-maintenance, and sturdy. While vinyl is among the most cost-effective, wood siding, although more costly, is unparalleled for its beauty. Wood is durable, and can last for decades with proper maintenance. Steel metal siding, on the other hand, resists fading, and is strong. So which is right for you?

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